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Workplace Harassment Prevention


Workplace rights are an important part of running a diverse business and vital in order to retain employees.  A huge part of this is workplace harassment prevention.  In order to implement workplace harassment prevention a company needs to consider two different things, policies and training.  An Inspired eLearning article outlines some points to keep in mind when developing and implementing workplace harassment prevention of which are summarized below.

It is essential to create a workplace harassment policy that is compliant with federal and state laws.

  1. Your workplace harassment policy should be posted in an area where it is always accessible and visible to all employees.
  2. Provide a copy of the workplace harassment policy to all employees and ensure that they read and understand it.  Documenting these things is also important.
  3. Harassment training that covers all types of harassments should be provided to all new and current employees.
  4. Allow employees to be able to bypass their supervisors when filing complaints.
  5. Reward employees that actively prevent and/or report any harassment issues within the workplace.
  6. Respond to complaints immediately and thoroughly investigate any and all harassment complaints.  Complaints need to be taken seriously every time.
  7. Workplace harassment policies need to be updated annually to ensure compliance with laws.
  8. Retrain employees annually to make sure they are up to date on company harassment policies.

Harassment in the workplace is damaging to productivity in the office and the workplace environment, so it is important to take active steps to prevent it.  As well, a part of the workplace rights that employees are ensured is to not fall victim to harassment nor feel threatened or uncomfortable while at work.  Workplace harassment prevention is one way that a diverse business can help ensure a comfortable environment and healthful workplace for its employees.

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