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Workplace accidents are all too common

Guest Author | office chair supplier

Workplace accidents are all too common and often just as easily avoided when correct procedures are followed.

Workplace accidents are all too common and often just as easily avoided when correct procedures are followed. Here we take a look at some of the most common:

Each year an average of 4,000 people are injured by teapots badly enough to require medical attention; 40,000 American citizens last year were admitted to hospital after being injured by a toilet; three people in Britain die each year testing out nine volt batteries on their tongue; thirteen people are killed each year due to having a vending machine fall on them; an average of four people are admitted to British hospitals each Christmas day with broken arms sustained in cracker-pulling incidents.

Undoubtedly some of these statistics made you laugh and all of them made you feel slightly superior to the ‘idiots’ who managed to get themselves into these situations. However, workplace accidents are common and often just as easily avoided when correct procedures are followed.

Manual Lifting

Lifting heavy items without using the proper technique causes many injuries in office workers each year. To lift a heavy item you should stand with your feet planted firmly and wide-set and bend your knees while keeping your back straight. Many people bend double and strain muscles in their backs and necks when lifting. Your employer has a responsibility to ensure you know the correct technique. If your job requires you to carry boxes or other equipment and you have not been shown how then ask for a training session.

Electrical Incidents

Faulty wiring or misuse of electrical equipment is the second biggest cause of accident and injury in the workplace in an office setting. Any faulty electrical equipment should be switched off immediately at the power source and clearly labelled as out of order until it has been properly repaired. Never use equipment that you are unsure about, always report faults as soon as you notice them and be aware of where your wires are at all times.

Falling Over

In an office situation the biggest cause of injury to workers year on year is tripping or falling over. The main causes of these trips or falls are: inadequate lighting in certain areas; slipping on wet floors after cleaning or in adverse weather conditions; reaching or bending from an unstable chair; using a chair as a step-ladder or tripping over wires, open drawers, loose carpeting or objects left in walkways. Not only is this the most common cause of accident but it also causes the highest number of disabling injuries. Take responsibility for the safety of yourself and your co-workers by always storing personal items well underneath your office desk or in a designated cloakroom, keeping your wires tidy and out of the way, closing drawers and reporting any loose carpet as soon as you spot it.

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