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Working from Home – Tips for a Home Based Career

Holly Hicks,

Working from Home - Tips for a Home Based Career

These days, working from home is getting easier and easier than it ever has been before. The proper name for working from home is telecommunications and the best thing about working from home is the fact that anyone is able to make an actual living wage simply by working in the comfort of their very own home, usually during the hours that they choose for themselves and essentially have no boss whatsoever. People that work from home are not always working for themselves, the truth is that many large companies and industries are expanding to the internet realm and now working with individuals and hiring individuals within the telecommunications industry.

There are work-from-home jobs in many different genres that are always looking for individuals that have different skill levels to work for them on a continual basis. Some of the most popular jobs that are done completely from home include writing for websites and blog sites, virtual personal assistants, animators and editors, proofreaders, voice over actors, customer service representatives, website designers, and much, much more. And, the majority of people that work from home are making good money off of websites or blog sites that they have created and that they own. These websites and blog sites either sell a virtual service or just sell advertising space, but the reality is that they are a constant source of income for many different people from all over the world who choose this as their work-from-home job of choice.

The main objective that seems to be a commonality when working from home is the necessity for a stable internet connection. Although, there are exceptions to this rule, many work-from-home jobs are available strictly through the internet and even posted on internet job sites.

Heather Sweeney, from authored a great article including these 5 Tips for Working From Home:

1. Set hours of operation. Establish a work schedule and stick to it. “Definitely a schedule and set office hours!” advises Janet McIntosh, Blue Star Families Books on Bases Program Manager. “You still have to treat it as you would a job outside the home, just with perks, like a lax dress code.”

Angela Caban, founder of Homefront United Network echoes the importance of business hours. “I actually made a sign with my office hours, and it hangs in my office. This not only helps me, but also anyone who walks into my office.”

Breaks are also important, so make sure you include them in your schedule. I’ve learned that I’m far more productive when I take breaks to go to the gym and eat lunch away from my desk.

2. Create a work space. A designated work area is a must. Keep it stocked with items that will keep you motivated.

“When I did my internship from home I treated myself with a nice work space,” said Crystal Bubulka, a full-time graduate student. “An orchid at my desk, some fragrant oils burning, and I kept my-to do list far away from my desk.”

3. Check in with co-workers. When you don’t see the people you work with on a regular basis, it’s important to keep everyone else informed about what you’re doing.

“I have to communicate what I do fairly often to managers who don’t have a huge stake in my projects,” says Marcus Penn, an Online Marketer. “They won’t see my work unless I specifically point it out to them.”

Sarah Blansett, Senior Public Relations Manager for, agrees that staying connected is essential. “Communicate, communicate, communicate with your office so they know you are working and not sitting with your feet up watching The View.”

4. Hold yourself accountable. It’s easy to slack off when you’re the only employee in the office. So find ways to keep yourself on task.

“When setting your dedicated ‘work time’ figure up how much you generally are getting paid, and divide in your hours,” suggests Laura, a freelance writer and e-commerce manager. “This helps me stay focused. If I see one night I goofed around and that caused my ‘hourly wage’ to go way down, then I’ll kick it in to gear the next night and really concentrate.”

This also means eliminating distractions. Can’t resist answering text messages? Turn off your notifications. Can’t resist re-tweeting? Log off of all social media sites (and work a social media break into your schedule). Can’t resist Live with Kelly and Michael? Set your DVR and watch it later as a reward for finishing your work.

5. Leave work at the office. When I was teaching, it was easy to walk out the door and let the change of scenery help me forget about work. But it’s much harder to make that transition when the scenery doesn’t change.

Working from home is now not so out of reach for a multitude of individuals who have decided that telecommunications is the right route for them.

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