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Urge President Obama to Ban Discrimination in the Workplace


Barack_Obama_signs_Executive_OrderGoal: Issue an executive order which will end discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, and transgender/sexual people in the workplace once and for all.

Discrimination in America has lessened in recent years; however, our LGBQT community still suffers prejudice at the hands of many employers. It is reported that “15 percent to 43 percent of gay people have experienced some form of discrimination and harassment in the workplace” and “90 percent of transgender people reported some form of harassment or mistreatment on the job.” Ironically, the American public seems to be outraged by these numbers, and nearly 73% of the U.S. population is in favor of ending such discrimination.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act aims to put an end to gendered and sexual discrimination by making it federal law that a person’s sexual orientation as well as one’s gender identity can no longer play a role in that person’s being hired, fired or mistreated in a work environment. The directive would extend only to businesses with 15 employees or more and would exempt religious institutions entirely, thus leaving personal beliefs to their person.

The order has been surmised in a letter addressed to President Obama that is dated April 2, 2012. ENDA is supported by 72 lawmakers, all of whom have signed the letter: it is now time for our President to issue a federal law barring discrimination from the workplace. The injustices exhibited toward our LGBQT community must be put to an end.

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