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Unfair treatment towards employees




Educate yourself about employment laws and what employers should not be allowed to get away with. Do not sit back quietly and let an organization treat you unfairly as an employee of their organization. All individuals in any organization should be treated with similar level of respect and integrity. Employees can have many reasons why they feel or perceive they are being treated unfairly. Individuals may feel they are being assigned more tasks or assignments than other employees, or feel they have been denied opportunities for advancement that has been given to other individuals in the organization. Management needs to pay close attention that employees in their organization feel that they are being treated fairly and given equal opportunities to excel as an employee in their organization.

Management sets the stage for the environment in the workplace and whether there is a practice of fair treatment of all employees. Before a task or assignment is given to an employee, the skills of that employee should be evaluated. Based on the skills of the employee, management has the responsibility to determine if the assignments are equitable and fair.

If an employee feels they should be taking on more challenging assignments, a fair and thorough assessment of their skill and competence to be assigned more challenging job responsibilities needs to be examined. A fair distribution of tasks or assignments based on skills will show fairness and equity.

If a decision is made that affects job responsibilities it is important that management lets employees know why the decision was made. Any time you can include employees in any decision making, they are more likely to feel that they were treated fairly.

Managers need to identify circumstances where they do not treat employees with respect and fairness. If management is under stress, it is not an excuse to treat any employee in unfair manner. Managers sometimes need to work harder under stressful circumstances to make a conscious effort to control their own behaviors. A hectic schedule or having difficulty meeting deadlines is never a reason to treat employees unfairly and with a lack of respect.

A good practice in any organization is that management has a practice of confronting and handling issues and not attacking the employees. If there is a practice of placing blame on individuals or making personal attacks, this will build an environment of disrespect and chaos. Employees in this type of environment will be more likely to feel they have been treated unfairly and with a lack of respect.

Privacy is always a big issue in organizations. Management should never confront employees in-front of other employees, they should be taken behind closed doors or a private area. This is the way for management to show respect and handle issues or situations in a fair manner. There is nothing more damaging than talking about issues in front of other employees and feeding the gossip line. The person that is being confronted in front of other employees will feel they have been treated unfairly and have not been given the respect they feel they deserve. .

Keep in mind that employees perceptions of being treated unfairly will be more likely to happen if the environment feeds that perception. An environment that treats employees with respect and integrity, makes employees feel valued and will foster a positive working atmosphere which will help all employees feel they are being treated fairly.


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