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Tips On Office Management At Home

Guest Author | Sharon Dylan

Tips On Office Management At Home

If you are going to set up an office at home in order to plan your working life around your personal life then you need to apply some of the ideas of an ordinary office to the home office. This is just to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of treating your home office as a space to relax in, when really you want to be as productive as possible and make working from home a more successful venture.

One of the things you have to keep up with is stock management. This may seem like a boring subject, but if you are going to work from home then you need to be your own receptionist, administrator and office manager as well. Good office management means keeping on top of the things you use.

It’s wise to set up an account with a supplier for certain things. This way you won’t pay over the odds when you need office supplies. Ask yourself what sort of things you are likely to get through in your daily routine and shop around for the best deals on these things.

The following supplies ought to be high on your list of priorities:

Printer supplies

If you draw up documents regularly as part of your daily tasks then you need to have a healthy supply of printing supplies. This means getting hold of ink cartridges and paper so that you never run out when you’re in the middle of something. You can’t rely on anyone else to provide this stuff for you.


Again, stationery is a fairly simple thing to get hold of, but it’s a very frustrating thing to run out of. Don’t get hold of loads of bits and pieces that you won’t use, but make sure you’re never out of paper clips, pens, pencils, post-it notes, memo pads and other items that most office workers use every single day.


Other items used regularly in the office include bits and pieces that help you manage the things you do online and on your computer. Blank CDs, electronic storage and other items are essential when it comes to archiving the work you have done. Filing supplies also come into play because these storage items necessarily have to be stored somewhere safe themselves.

Once you get it into your mind that you are the only person responsible for your office when you work from home, you stand a better chance of attaining the level of organization necessary to succeed.

This article was written by Sharon Dylan, home office designer and regular consumer of cheap ink toners.

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