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Tips in Proper Etiquette When Sending Email Within the Company

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Tips in Proper Etiquette When Sending Email Within the Company


As people now take advantage of technology in doing business, exchange of communication is done through an email system of the company. More often than not, each employee is provided their own electronic mail account while working for the company. This ensures that everyone is able to answer necessary queries as well as send information significant in the whole business process. Here are top tips to remember when sending emails to other employees within the company.

Try to utilize appropriate greetings. For business emails, respectful greeting should be used to be able to send across the emotion you are purporting in the mail. A simple ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ or ‘good day’ will be sufficient to show the respect you have for the other person. Even for the co-worker, these starting and ending greetings should be in place to create that positive vibe. After the letter is composed, say ‘thank you’, ‘respectfully’, ‘best regards’ or other appropriate greeting to end the mail.

Use the right level of formality. As what you are making are business emails, uphold the level of formality that is called for. Address the person you are sending the email with ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ for those with higher positions. Some companies accept being addressed with a simple ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ before their names. Better ask before sending any electronic mail the right one to use. And do not forget to spell the names correctly as this can be viewed as carelessness on the recipient’s part when names are misspelled. If putting the position of the person, be sure it is the right one.

Check the spelling of all the words. Make sure that all words in the emails are spelled correctly as well. Typos that appear will already come across as emails not to be taken seriously. It may even be something that can turn off the employer for not practicing diligence before sending any email. If you are not sure how a word is spelled ask around from the co-workers or simply search the internet. There are many sources around you to ensure that all the words utilized are exact and accurate.

Check your sentence structure, punctuations and capital letters. Business emails should not be like text messages that are shortcut and gibberish. Emails do not have minimum character like that of the mobile phone so it is essential to provide the right format in using sentences. This means that all sentences start with the first word capitalized and a period in place after each sentence. Make sure that question marks and exclamation points are used once as more than that will send a demanding kind of letter. Then do not capitalize all the letters in the email as this is depicted as shouting.Visit us at for more great “simple” tips.

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