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Tips for the Workplace: How to be a Better Co-Worker

Guest Author: Jason G.

Tips for the Workplace How to be a Better Co-Worker

Recognizing the number of hours a full-time employee spends with coworkers in the workplace gives perspective into how important these relationships should be. Beyond family life, coworkers will probably be the people one spends the most time with. Doing your part to cultivate a positive, focused and enjoyable workspace, you will become a linchpin to the company while benefiting your teammates as well as yourself. While there are most likely countless ways to help improve the environment of your workplace that only you can see, we offer 3 tips that anyone can start implementing.

Improve professional relationships:

Whether you have a shy coworker that quietly sits at his desk and slips out the door when the workday has ended, or a lively, outgoing teammate that is a little intimidating, work on strengthening your relationship with those around you. The people that surround you, whether you admit it or not, have a lot to teach you and perhaps there is a thing or two they could learn from you. Don’t be embarrassed to be friendlier, as long as everything you say and do is work appropriate. If you don’t know someone well, extend an invitation to go out for lunch with you and another coworker, or ask them questions during a break to learn more about them. When everyone at work feels included and cared for (even the tough love coworkers…) a net of trust is built and the workplace environment will be greatly improved.

Root for the team:

Competition in the workplace, even among those with unrelated positions, can destroy the moral of the workplace if it is applied negatively to different situations. Such negativity could be in the form of gossip, exclusion, and blaming, among other things that most adults understand as destructive behavior. Such negative behavior is foolish and can destroy the trust in all parties involved, which trust is a key ingredient to a successful business and career. By putting aside hidden agendas, pride, and negative, competitive feelings towards others, you will uplift your coworkers and team and find success because others trust you.


It is always stressful and even annoying when you were told something would happen or it would be a certain way and it did not happen or it was not what you expected. Everyone knows what that feels like. Even if you know your communication will not elicit a positive response, have the courage to communicate; it will most likely avoid more stress and perhaps even more negative consequences. Be honest and open so that unneeded, stressful situations are kept to a minimum, and everyone comes to appreciate your high level of communication, which is necessary for any high level position.

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