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Tips for Safety in the Workplace

Holly Hicks,

Tips for Safety in the Workplace

Statistics show that every year nearly five thousand employees die on the job in the United States. A good percentage comes from jobs and careers in the construction industry. Keeping a tight grip of workplace safety is essential to ensure you and your employees (if you are a business owner or manager) are safe. Casualties do inevitably occur when some of these essential work environment rules are broken and not followed. This is why in this article; we will discuss some of the most effective ways to increase levels of safety at work and more.

Accidents involving slipping and falling are very common in all work environments. In essence is important to be aware of effective ways when it comes to preventing them. One common way of avoiding falls on the job is by staying alert of potential dangers (slippery floors, water, food spills) that could cause a severe fall. Likewise if you are an employer, encourage workers to follow the previously stated safety tip.

Accidents don’t always involve falls, sometimes injuries can occur from exerting too much force, injuring muscles or straining joints. This is why when lifting and moving heavy objects on the job is important to practice balance and safety. If you are constantly moving heavy objects make sure to do so with good posture. Is also important (if possible) to wear a lifting belt that holds your lower back tightly when exerting force. Lifting should also be done in an effective matter. Learning the right way to lift objects can take as little as 5 minutes and help increase your chances of avoiding injuries. Lastly, making sure enough people help divide the weight of a heavy object lift is a must to avoid grievance.

Fires can be a real hazard in many workplaces. Knowing how to prevent fires can come a long way towards preventing workplace accidents and even casualties. Most fires that occur on job are preventable and even controllable if some of these measures are taking. First, is very important to have the proper firefighting equipment. This includes emergency hatchets, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Needless to say when an emergency occurs is very important to make sure everyone is informed of the location of this essential equipment. Unlike other items that might be used every day on a regular workplace, fire fighting gear can go months or a couple of years without being put to use. This is why performing fire drills, testing fire extinguishers, doing revisions on alarms and also making sure emergency exits work can help greatly if a real fire was to occur.

Following these tips and more can ensure your working space will be safe of accidents and possible events that can be physically damaging. Exercising these tips is not a onetime deal, but they require constant work because after all; an accident could happen at any time and when the least you expect it.

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