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Tips for Creating a Cell Phone Use Policy at Work

Holly Hicks,

Tips for Creating a Cell Phone Use Policy at Work

Do you know how often you check your phone at work on a daily basis? Has it ever crossed your mind to count the number of times you do this? By lunchtime, you’d probably lose count, right? Most of us are completely attached and dependent to our phones and are frequently checking to see if we have missed or received a text message or phone call. It is an understood fact that most people do this at work.

While you, the employer may feel that it is totally fine to do this on the job, it is observed to be sloppy and unprofessional when your employees are constantly updating a status, texting, or even attempting to whisper a quick conversation while on your time clock. Excessive cell phone use in the work environment can lead to a substantial reduction of productivity and performance for your business. So, the question now is, exactly how can you take steps that aren’t too limiting and restricting, yet strive to suppress your staff members’ phone usage in the workplace?

The response to that concern can be a little complicated. You should establish professional boundaries for your staff members, however you do not want to be so strict and limiting to the point where they feel as though you are “hovering” and excessively monitoring them or being too intrusive. No one is comfortable feeling as if they are being watched under a magnifying glass.  The crucial point to keep in mind is that most, if not all, individuals interact or communicate with each other via their mobile phone. We make doctor’s appointments, get important phone calls, and communicate with friends and family members, all through phone calls, social media, and text messaging. For that reason, the day-to-day usage of cell phones in the work environment is bound to occur. In addition to that, numerous people need to utilize their mobile phone to attend to their day-to-day business. If your staff members are provided cell phones for work, then the tracking of their mobile phone usage is a little different.

So, initially, there should be a general cell phone usage policy. These standards are for the employee’s usage of their personal cell phone device during the course of the business day. The ideal means to establish guidelines for cell usage is to have a policy. If you are a business with employees that moderately use their personal phones without it interfering with work, you may only need to address cell phone usage at a minimum, or even not at all.  It is important for you, the employer to be understanding and relate to the fact that cell phone usage is definitely going to take place, however it need not hinder performance.

Use these basics to aid in development of a cell phone usage policy in your business:

  • All cell phones must be set to “silent” or “vibrate” during business hours.
  • Cell phones are not allowed during meetings.
  • When using a cell phone, be courteous of speaking volume and use “inside voice” as a courtesy to other workers.
  • Set specific rules to where (by designating specific areas) and when cell phone use is allowed.
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