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The Value of Investing in Employees Health

Guest Author | Dave Peterson

The Value of Investing in Employees Health

These days employees are often not bound by the 40-hour per week convention and work stress can extend well after you’ve clocked out. Although it is not the responsibility of employers to offer support to their workforce after hours, employees health during the work day is something that a company should concentrate on wherever possible.

There are certain responsibilities that companies should take on board with regard to health of employees.

The reasons employers might shy away from such practices is obviously because of the cost to the company. Providing various health-centred services for employees and promoting social wellness is not mandatory from a legal standpoint but studies have shown how this approach should invariably be a fruitful one. Employees are much more likely to increase productivity if they adopt a healthier lifestyle thanks to work initiatives.


A good area of focus on which to commence this scheme is nutrition. If the company has in-house catering then you may want to re-evaluate the menu and introduce a few healthier items, perhaps even giving discounted prices on such items. If this is not the case then don’t compromise the health of your employees but rather approach a couple of restaurants in the area to see if they can offer discounts to the company on healthier foods.


Healthy body, healthy mind as they all say. Well they all say that because it’s generally true. Employees are much more likely to be more productive if they are subject to health benefits from their company. For example some companies have a small in the complex and this should encourage employees them to engage in an exercise routine. If this isn’t the case then contacting a nearby gym with the intention of receiving some sort of membership discount could be worthwhile.


It’s no secret that employees respond best to incentives, whether they are being rewarded for general work proficiency or just for health-related reasons. Using the above two health conscious approaches with their employees, companies can go a step further by offering some form of reward for as part of a weight loss drive, for example, or how many times employees make use of the gym.

As an employer you have certain duties to your employees and health and safety is a big part of this.  These responsibilities shouldn’t only extend to making sure your staff know where the fire exits are. Showing a vested interest in employees health and social wellness outside of work will no doubt endear them to the company and contribute to increased productivity in the process.

Dave Peterson has always had a keen interest in writing on his experiences of business travel and whether he’s in Australia tasked with finding Melbourne office space, or in France reporting on a conference, his travels are always well documented.

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