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The Hot 100 Benefits Managers 2013


imagesHere is our second annual roll-call of the movers and shakers of the benefits industry who have made Employee Benefits headlines, spoken at our events or been involved in the Employee Benefits Awards as a winner or a judge

We are proud to announce, for the second year running, a fabulous line-up of 100 leading players in benefits management. They are the movers and shakers of the benefits industry and are therefore our ‘Hot 100’. Over the next 10 pages, you can see who made this exclusive list, in strict alphabetical order.

These are people who, during 2012, were featured in our magazine or on our website for the great work they are doing with their organisations’ benefits packages; or people who have spoken at our events or taken part in our roundtable discussions; as well as those who won gongs at the annual Employee Benefits Awards in 2012.

They now join our Hot 100 from last year and automatically become members of our 100 Club, which now consists of 200 UK benefits leaders. There is an associated LinkedIn group as well as an invitation-only exclusive party.

For this year’s list, we have deliberately selected people who were not on last year’s list (many of whom continue to provide great contributions to the industry) in order to spread the recognition as wide as possible for the good work that gets done for millions of employees across the land.

Given the huge challenges facing the benefits industry, not least the implementation of auto-enrolment, this year is a great opportunity for benefits practitioners to step up to the plate and maximise this opportunity to show what they can truly bring to their organisations. It is not often that the spotlight is shone on benefits departments like this. It should throw up some cracking names for our list next year.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend a special thank-you to Employee Benefits’ deputy editor, Debbie Lovewell, who put a tremendous amount of work into pulling this list together. She was ably assisted by our events co-ordinator, Elena Harris, who spent weeks inviting people, gathering biographies and photos and filling last-minute gaps.

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