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Signs of a Toxic Workplace

Holly Hicks,

Signs of a Toxic Workplace

I have worked with various companies. Moreover, with the length of my work experience, I’ve also done different kinds of jobs, meet stressful deadlines, and make an effort to get along with previous employees before I get in. On the other hand, there are just some things that can’t be avoided, things that made my working experience more stressful, things that I never thought that still happens in an environment like this.

With this kind of experience, I thought if companies have ways to confront aggressive individuals doing unfavorable behaviors, or can they warn bully employees with regards to what values they should show, or if they can investigate incidents of backstabbing and manipulation?

If the company does these things, then you’re sure to be in a lucky workplace, encouraging people to work together not just a team but like a family as a whole. On the other hand, there are some companies who turn a blind eye with this kind of scenario, which makes some of their employees to feel an unfavorable atmosphere each time they go to their work, which is the same thing that just happened to me.

Let me discuss some of the things I have just noticed, instances that make the company a toxic workplace to be. Get your pen and notebooks ready as you might need to jot down notes.

  • Anger And Frustration – Let’s face the reality that there are employees that have to improve their morale and values while working. These might be considered as one of the mistakes that the company has done. It causes the work environment to be a toxic workplace. Eventually, this causes some talented people to quit. Being the leader of the company, owners should provide ways with how they will develop camaraderie among their employees.
  • Rewarding Bullies – Are there times that the company used to give incentives to workers regardless of what techniques they have applied? If that person keeps on receiving respect despite inappropriate behaviors shown. These are clear indications of a more toxic workplace.
  • Ineffective Procedure Application – There are times that dysfunctional process is high in a toxic company. But furthermore, bullies in workplace are promoting much more of this. In this kind of scenario, company strategies don’t really work, which causes slower production of the team.

These are just some of my experiences with regards to toxicity of the workplace. I know there are still more but hopefully, you will be enlightened with these facts. Due to this, I look for a way how this should be ended or perhaps, how the company should approach their employees. Listed is some of what I’ve found:

  • Corporate Culture
  • Motivating Core Values
  • Communication
  • Be An Example
  • Consistent Innovation

As a matter of fact, there are more to tell. But with these things being implemented, for sure it is, that toxic workplace can be avoided and employees will be happier working in the company. This actually promotes good connection among your team.

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