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Should You Hire Professional Resume Writers

Guest Author | Sonya Tanouye

Should You Hire Professional Resume Writers

If you have not had a job for a long time and you are at your wit’s end, then the thought of hiring a professional resume writer may have entered your head.

Let’s face it–if you are at your wit’s end, then far worse ideas have probably already entered your head. There are many reasons why you may not yet have a job. Sometimes it is a case of severely bad luck. Other times it is because you are picking and applying for the wrong types of jobs. Sometimes it’s your interview skills that let you down, and sometimes it is your resume writing skills.

Your resume is your personal flag

Every country has a flag that waves proudly in the sky and acts as a banner for the people within it. Your resume is your flag, and by sending it out to employers you are waving it proudly in the air. You need to ask yourself if your flag truly represents yourself. If you were a country that was war hungry then would you have a pink fluffy flag? If you were a country that believed in preserving the earth, would you have a flag with pictures of smoke and fumes on it? Ask yourself if your resume truly represents the person you are, then ask yourself if a resume service could help you to correctly represent yourself.

You are not an expert writer

The best resume writing service is going to be full of expert writers from different backgrounds and disciplines. They are going to be expert writers because it is their job to be expert writers. You are not an expert writer, and therefore may benefit from the efforts of other expert writers. That is of course, unless you are an expert writer, in which case, you should consider a career change if you cannot even cook up a good resume.

Your previous efforts have failed

If you are sending out resume and after resume and getting no response, you may have to consider the fact that it is something you are doing wrong. There are many reasons why you may not be getting a response, but at least if you hire a good writing service you can partially remove the poor-resume reason.

Can a resume writing service take things from a new angle?

You need to ask yourself this. You need to ask yourself if your resume is too positive, or too negative. Do you have a very simplistic vocabulary, or are your sentences always too long. There are many different writing styles, and it may just be that your writing style is not very sales-worthy. A writing service may hit your resume from a different angle and help you get a better response.

You need a resume that is fluent and consistent

A professional writing service should be able to offer you a fluent and consistent resume. It is their job to create a good one that has been proofread a few times. If anything else, it should take the responsibility of writing a good resume off of your shoulders.

Resume writing services add comments that resonate with your future employer

People who have been in your chosen industry for a while will know how people in that industry speak. They will know the smaller phrases and comments that will speak to the employer.

You can give it a try and see if it helps

Even the best resume writing service may not help you get a job, but on the other hand, it may help you to make a first impression you need. So long as you do not pay too much money, you should give it a go.

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1 Comment

  1. Mike Baker says:

    I used, and was very pleased. It was within my budget, and I did get the job I was targeting. It did take about a week for me to receive everything, but that was not an issue for me.

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