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What is work discrimination? Have you been discriminated against at work? Can you be required to take a drug test? Who is entitled to overtime pay?

Workplace Rantings will help you find out how to identify common types of discrimination and harassment and what should be done if you ever become a victim through the vast information, articles and resources available in this site.

You should remember that as an employee, you have certain legal rights to safe, healthy and unbiased environment at your workplace. Unfortunately, numerous companies violate these rights simply because they value their profits a lot more than their employees. The unfair corrupt practices of several companies affected thousands of workers and their families.

Let your voice be heard. Share your story and stand up for every hard-working citizen in America and around the world. We want a safe and healthy environment in the workplace free from any discrimination, bullying, harassment and any unjust treatment. We want fairness in the workplace.

ESCO Corporation Portland Oregon: Discrimination in the workplace

Fairness and privacy rights in the workplace are important issues! No one should be treated differently because they don’t have an certain title, work in a certain department, or have a relative in high places. Company policies should be applicable for all employees. Companies should also offer compassion and options when their employees have circumstances that may put their job in jeopardy.


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