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Motivating Your Team When Under Stress

Motivating Your Team When Under Stress

Learning to manage your responsibilities, staff and dependencies under pressure has always been a difficult and very stressful position to be in. Given the current financial position many businesses are in; strapped for cash, uncertain of cash flow, untrusting of suppliers et cetera, et cetera.

It’s almost the de facto scenario at the moment for anyone working in management, companies of all sizes and especially those right at the very top that span the globe with responsibilities stretching across nearly inconceivable distances, poised with duties to provide stable incomes and secure jobs for many hundreds of thousands of people throughout the supply chain.

This continual reminder is constant weight on the shoulders of many managers, increasingly squeezed resources have forced manages to meet and exceed expectations, the key to effectively managing within times like these is to gain an understanding of how to motivate others to perform during good times and hard times, this means earning their respect and understanding their needs.

People want to feel that what they do means something, and that they are adding to the overall success of the businesses mission. Of course this is no simple task, but one which is assumed of any manager.

Just recently my mobile phone was overheating and I had to return it, the person I spoke to on the telephone was helpful and so I let her know this. She reacted in a way I could tell she was pleased with her helpfulness and this came across even though it was over a telephone call. While she was not a manger this sort of reaction lifted her mood and motivated her through to her next customer, this kind of outcome is possible in an environment which is effectively managed. I remember her saying “I enjoyed helping you; we look forward to hearing from you again”.

From this short conversation it was obvious that she was a part of a much larger contacts team, a team driven towards high levels of customer satisfaction.

Implementing cultures of respect and trust needs management to work hard in order to build relationships within a company. It’s all too often easy to take a more outcome orient approach, especially with the pressures imposed to name just a handful:  milestones, deadlines and budgets. This aside investment into relationships will ensure a higher yield. Open communications between you and your team will build rapport and trust, regardless of whether said information is positive or negative – a conversation or meeting to discuss any impact is the perfect way to overcome any further concerns.

To ensure your management is rock solid in times of instability means managers need to go back to the real essentials  of motivation, the restoration of respect, implementation of open communications and other core values will help your business fare through turbulent times now and in the future.

Will writes for a number of businesses including DLPROG a Development Leadership organisation based in Australlia. To learn more about their work, read their articles about Mauritius Independence visit

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