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Improving Office Morale

Guest Author | Ken Wong

Improving Office Morale

Morale is a tricky thing. Many people talk about wanting to improve office morale, but they go about it in the wrong way. The truth of the matter is that you cannot “trick” people into having better morale through things like posters or dress-up days. When you want to improve office morale, there are several key elements that you need to keep in mind.

Free the Internet
If you have an office where there is access to the Internet, tell your office workers that they are allowed to use it as they see fit. Workers who take five minutes here or three minutes there to update their Twitter or their Facebook account are generally more productive than workers that have to stare at the same spreadsheet throughout the day! This is a small thing that can really mean a lot to your office workers. It means that you respect them as people, and it also means that they have far more freedom that the do at other jobs. Be clear that this is a privilege that can be yanked if it is abused, but otherwise, let them do as they please. People are more responsible than you might think.

Feed Them
Companies who offer free cafeterias report astonishingly high levels of employee satisfaction, but even if this is something that you cannot do yourself, you’ll find that there are ways around it. Food is great, but for most people, it is also a chore. When your employees eat at work, that typically means that they need to go out and get food, or they need to bring it. Declare a pizza day, or simply have a few days out of the month catered. Feeding your employees not only ensures that they do not need to leave the campus, but it also helps them feel as though you are taking care of them.

Be Honest
Employees that feel that their employers are not being honest have no reason to give them their loyalty or their faith. When your employees know that you are not being honest, they are going to have one foot out of the door on the chance that one of the things that you are fibbing about is the solvency of the company. This does not mean that you need to blab company secrets! Simply acknowledge that things are going on, tell them that you will be honest as you can with them, and move forward.

Open the Lines of Communication
Your employees are not going to be happy unless they feel that you know them and that they are getting the right kind of attention from you. Make sure that you have an open door policy, and that you are willing to make time to get to know them. This can make a huge difference to the way that your office feels. An open space that has clear communication between your workers and your management can make an enormous difference.

Take a moment to think about morale and everything that you need to do to fix it in your office.

This post was provided by Ken Wong, an employer in the financial industry. He makes sure to boost morale with office coffee solutions that his employees enjoy. He uses Muldoon’s services, who are located at 5680 Timberlea Boulevard Mississauga, ON L4W 4M6 ‎(905) 712-2233.

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