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How to Recognize Disability Discrimination in the Workplace


Businessman_in_WheelchairDisability discrimination in the workplace is often illegal. Learn how to identify it and hold offenders accountable. September 14, 2012 (24-7PressRelease)– All employers have a duty to provide safe and fair working environments for their employees. Unfortunately, some employers discriminate against disabled workers. All employees should be educated in recognizing when an employer is discriminating against a disabled worker or job applicant and understand how employers can be held responsible for such illegal behavior.

This is the reason that was created. To help disabled individuals find employment – without being discriminated against.

If you haven’t seen the video that NBC 12 (Phoenix, AZ) did about AbilityJobsPlus you can see the news story here

There was a story several months back on one of those news shows (cant recall what news show it was.) 20/20, Dateline or 30 Rock. In this news story they were talking about how companies/business owners were getting sued, by people that were disabled and were not able shop in whatever business, because the isles were to narrow for someone in a wheel chair. The person that went around and sued these companies had never even entered the business. Surveillance cameras inside these business proved it, but they were still sued.

I believe this is partly the reason why companies/business owners over look individuals with disabilities when companies are looking for new employees. They’re afraid of being sued, and that is their right to be worried, as their business is their lively hood – their source of income. If it happens to be a small family / mom and pop business a lawsuit could bankrupt them, and force them to close down.

As a former business owner of a machine shop. Any little increase, for example; insurance preminums, the price of material has risen, etc. We as business owners have to find cuts to cover these cost to stay open. Normally the first new hire is the first to be laid off/fired, when there are unforeseen increases. They say statistically the business failure rates are highest within the first two years of operations.

The sad fact is disability discrimination exists, there is roughly 54 million unemployed disabled individuals, 3 million disabled veterans in the United States alone. With 650 million individuals with disabilities on a global scale. The disabled community is the largest and most neglected minority in the world.

Be a leader in your community and help. You as business owners could make a huge impact in the recovery and the lives of those with disabilities.

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