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How to Make Your Staff Want to Work Hard for You

Guest Author | Clare Evans, Bird and Co Creative Design Ltd

How to Make Your Staff Want to Work Hard for You









The saying goes that every business is only as good as its employees.

That’s why your team is the most valuable resource. Forget your perfect product, winning website, and magical marketing strategy. None of this matters if your staff doesn’t care about your business.

It is so easy to make your employees hate you. It is even easier to make them want to work hard for you. Here are seven secrets to motivating your team, and encouraging them to commit and care about your business:

1. Recognize and Reward Achievements

A recent survey showed that 69% of employees would work harder if their bosses recognized and rewarded their hard work.

By actively and openly celebrating hard work, your staff will be much more motivated to work hard for you. This involves everything from a simple “well done” when staff produce a great piece of work; right through to rewards such as “Employee of the Month”, and even financial bonuses.

A pat on the back, round of applause, and verbal praise costs nothing. But it can give a huge boost to an employee, and really drive them forward. You should also endeavor to be constructive in your criticism, citing what’s done well and emphasizing this.

2. Offer Extra Training and Qualifications

Offering employees the chance to enjoy the perks of additional training is great motivation. By encouraging them to learn new skills and gain extra qualifications, you can boost their confidence as well as maximize your business’s potential.

Be sure to offer to pay for all or part of the training, and emphasis why they have been put forward. If you can, train everyone in a certain team in a new area. The additional skills are a short-term way of enhancing the long-term success and performance of your business.

3. Create a Great Work Atmosphere

A positive and welcoming work atmosphere is a great way to make your staff want to work hard for you.

Aesthetically, you want a warm, light and open office. Make sure it is decorated with plants, photographs, and personal touches. You could have a notice board filled with staff images to help promote a team spirit. You should also make sure employees have enough space, and are comfortable.

A great atmosphere also refers to how well employees gel and work together.

4. Bring Everyone Together

Encouraging your team to interact out of work is another great way to drive motivation and success. Work nights and days out, are great ways to help staff gel and connect as a team. If people get on, they can work together and work hard. A warm, welcoming and friendly workplace is one that people want to go to everyday.

You should also work hard to avoid – or quickly diffuse – any workplace conflicts.

5. Give Them Increased Responsibility

Part of feeling valued and appreciated, is being entrusted with increased responsibility. Encourage staff to work hard for you, by letting them prove themselves. Let them take an active role in the business and trust their judgement. Those who prove themselves can be given more responsibility, and will always be willing to go above and beyond to show they deserve the role.

6. Offer Your Staff a Career, Not a Job

Everyone that works for you has an idea of where they want their career to take them. They know where they want to be in 5 months and 5 years. You need to be offering people more than just a job – you need to be offering them a career path.

Staff are much more likely to work hard for you if they know what opportunities lie ahead. Can you offer internal promotions? What opportunities are there for your members of staff? This will send a positive message to your staff that they are valuable to you. If staff feel valued they are much more likely to work hard for you.

7. Don’t Make an Exception for Yourself

Some managers have a tendency to forget that they should lead by example. If you’re afraid to get your hands dirty and don’t play an active role in the team, your staff will feel like they don’t have to either.

Simple things like making sure you’re always on time can really boost office moral and prove that you’re someone worth working hard for. Make sure you’re always there for your employees too. They will look up to you, so set an example for them to follow.

Making your staff want to work hard for you is easier than you think. By creating a positive work place, and generally promoting a great work ethic; you can enjoy the benefits of a hard working and motivated workforce.

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