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How to Have a Productive Meeting With Your Boss


Meetings with the boss can be stressful and sometimes they don’t seem to accomplish much. However, clear communication with your boss is essential if you want to do your job well. You can, and should, communicate with your boss regularly in an informal way, greeting your boss in the hallway or chitchatting in the break room. At times, though, you will need to have formal meetings with your boss to clarify your job duties, receive instructions about tasks you need to perform, decide how to solve problems on the job or update your boss about your progress


    • Schedule a meeting with your boss at a time that is convenient for both of you. Choose a time when you will not be rushed and are not likely to be interrupted or distracted. Make sure you and your boss have enough time to prepare before you meet.

    • 2

      Prepare for the meeting with your boss by thinking about exactly what you want to discuss and what outcomes you hope to achieve. Write down any important points to make sure you don’t forget to bring them up in the meeting.

    • 3

      Speak calmly and respectfully to your boss during your meeting. Stick to the issues at hand and do not bring up past problems you may have had.

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      Listen carefully to what your boss has to say. Don’t interrupt and do not respond in a defensive way.

    • 5

      Repeat what you hear your boss saying to you, in your own words, to make sure you understand correctly. Ask questions about anything you don’t fully understand.

    • 6

      Take notes during the meeting with your boss to make sure you don’t forget anything important afterward.

    • 7

      Cover the most important issues in the meeting. If you have many issues to discuss, you may need to schedule more than one meeting. If you or your boss become frustrated during the meeting, or if communication seems to be breaking down, suggest ending the meeting for now and continuing it at another time.

    • 8

      Schedule a follow-up meeting if needed, so you and your boss can discuss the results of any changes made after the meeting as well as any new issues that may arise.


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