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How to Handle Workplace Harassment Issues


Workplace-HarassmentYoli, an unemployed job seeker, describes the harassment in her workplace, “In these nearly 13 years I was verbally, emotionally, physically, and unlawfully abused but I could not tell anyone because I did not want to have my family worry about us and could not afford to lose my job.”

Another job seeker says he was harassed so much by a new manager he was forced to quit.

From another harassment perspective, Chima says, “I was accused of harassing employees, but the truth was I was the victim of lies and gossip and when I confronted the gossipers, I was accused of harassing them, although it seems to me I was the one being harassed as a victim of gossip.”

Harassment can not only cost an employee their job, but it can also make job searching difficult. If you were fired like Chima, laid-off like Yoli, forced to resign, or quit because of harassment it can complicate your job search. References may be hard to get and it can be difficult to explain the circumstances of why you lost your job during a job interview.

Here is information on the types of harassment in the workplace and how to handle harassment issues, including filing a harassment claim, interview advice if you’ve lost your job, and what to do if you have been fired.There are a variety of types of harassment that can occur in the workplace. Workplace harassment, whether it be verbal or physical badgering based on sex, religion, or race, is unlawful and also a form of discrimination.

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