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How To Get a Medical Cannabis Card in California

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Medical Marijuana Cards: What Are They?
There are two types of medical marijuana ID cards: those issued by medical marijuana evaluation clinics and those issued by your local county health care agency.

Identification Cards Offered By Medical Marijuana Clinics
The ID cards offered by many medical marijuana clinics are usually available for purchase at the time you are approved for and recieve your medical marijuana recommendation from your medical marijuana evaluation doctor.

For instance, at Lane Medical Clinic your 12-month recommendation is included in the cost of your office visit ($55 for new patients). If you would like the added convenience of a durable photo ID card with your recommendation information and 24/7 verification contacts printed on it, they are available for sale for $20. Our medical marijuana identification cards also have anti-counterfit / anti-copy watermarks for an added layer of security. Many patients enjoy the added convenience of a medical marijuana card because the card is not as easily bent or torn like the paper recommendation may be over the course of a year. Sign up for our free newsletter (at the bottom of this page), as we occasionally send out special promotions (such as a coupon for a free ID card with your office visit) to our subscribers.

Identification Cards Offered By County Health Care Agencies
ID cards offered by local county health care agencies differ significantly. In Orange County, these medical marijuana cards are applied for by application through the Orange County Health Care Agency. Once you have your medical marijuana recommendation in hand, you may make an appointment at the OC Health Care Agency to apply for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC). The fee for application is $150. MMICs are available to qualified patients and their primary caregivers. The intent of the MMIC program is to help law enforcement and qualified patients by creating a form of identification for qualified patients that is official and uniform throughout the State. An online registry allows law enforcement to verify that a MMIC is valid. For more information and details on scheduling an appointment through the Orange County Health Care Agency, visit their website at

At Lane Medical Clinic, we are experienced helping patients with chronic illnesses receive the medicine they need. We arm you with the best tools available — knowledge — to help you make an informed choice about medical cannabis. Together, you and Dr. Lane will establish a treatment plan that you can feel comfortable with, and of course, you can always contact us at Lane Medical Clinic if you’d like more help.

If you are looking for a Southern California medical marijuana doctor, or more specifically, a medical marijuana doctor in Orange County, to obtain your medical marijuana card, Lane Medical Clinic can help. You will be seen by one of the best doctors in Orange County, offering compassionate treatment using a comprehensive approach to medical marijuana and how it can help in managing your symptoms. At Lane Medical Clinic, we offer low cost office visits for medical marijuana evaluations. $55 includes your physical exam and your 12-month medical marijuana recommendations. Plus, you will receive medical advice on your chronic illness, as well as learning more about what qualifies for medical marijuana. Our physician / clinic owner, Allan H. Lane, M.D., is a specialist in Internal Medicine. He also has an extensive background in psychiatry (at LA County – USC Psychiatric Hospital), and he was a pharmacist before he was a doctor, so Dr. Lane is uniquely qualified to help the patients in his practice. Dr. Lane works with you to create a unique plan you can use to make your whole life better—including helping you function better at work, at school, and at home. And we offer referrals to free or low cost support groups and counseling services, so you can take advantage of as many treatment options as are available to you.


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