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How to Deal with Coworkers that Bug You

Guest Author: Janice G.

How to Deal with Coworkers that Bug You

Let’s not beat around the bush. Coworkers can get on your nerves worse than your friends or family can. This is partially because you have to refrain from responding to them the way you might respond to people outside your workplace. In some cases, you even have to be overly nice to them. With a few tips and tricks, you can not only learn to deal with coworkers that bug you, but even entertain yourself with them as well!

Be overly nice. Some people just want to get a rise out of you. As soon as they figure out you are not going to participate in their fun, they will move on to someone who will.

Make it look easy. If you enjoy your job, but do not enjoy your coworkers, simply dive into your job. If you love what you do, it is not hard to make it look easy. If your coworkers are miserable and seeking to share the wealth with you in that respect, they will go away rather than be offended by your happiness.

Ask them to repeat everything. This will take up more time than you would like, but eventually your annoying coworker will go away. When they speak, simply ask them to repeat what they said…a few times. This works well with all types. The people who never seem to stop talking will get annoyed because what they really want is your attention. If they have to repeat everything, they will assume you just were not paying attention, get annoyed, and eventually stop bothering you. For the one who thinks they know it all, their ego will not be able to stand the idea that you were not deeply vested in every word they had to say to you. Eventually they will find someone else to bother, or a mirror to stare into.

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