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How to Deal with a Co-worker You Don’t Like


The job you love can turn in to a nightmare if you’re forced to work with a coworker you don’t like. It’s hard to say “leave me alone” and still maintain your professional relationship. You can take a few steps to deal with a co-worker you don’t like. These steps will help you deal with that co-worker and get back to enjoying your job again.



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      Write down your thoughts. When you have a difficult co-worker to deal with, obviously you can’t always tell them exactly what you’re thinking. It’s important to keep things as professional as possible. Write down the things your co-worker does that bother you. Write down how it affects your work performance at work. To deal with a co-worker you don’t like, think about what you might ask the person to do differently. Also think what they might say in reaction.

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      Talk to your co-worker. When you’ve gathered your thoughts and you’re ready to talk to your co-worker, pull them aside and ask if you can talk to them about something that’s bothering you. Find a good time to talk when neither of you are busy. Begin by telling your co-worker a few things you admire about them. Proceed to tell the co-worker about the things that are bothering you.

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      Ask your co-worker for input and things you might do as well. Listen carefully to your co-worker, and try to reach a compromise. Check in after a few days and review progress as needed. You may not become the best of friends, but it should be easier to maintain a professional working relationship. When you deal with a co-worker that you don’t like, remember to put yourself in their shoes.

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      Talk to a supervisor if talking to your co-worker doesn’t resolve the situation. Tell the supervisor about the steps you took to deal with the person. Note the number of times you tried to resolve the issue with your co-worker and ask your supervisor to assist in resolving the issue.



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