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How to Create and Maintain Trust at Work

Guest Author

How to Create and Maintain Trust at Work

Trust is a fundamental aspect of any relationship. At work, trust dictates how employees relate with each other as well as with employers. It can be quite hard to regain if lost, and efforts should be made to ensure that trust is maintained at all times.

This article shares a few tips on how managers can create and to sustain trust.

1.       Express confidence in employees

Most human resource managers want to dictate to employees how things should be done. Dictating undermines the autonomy of employees. It says that you have no confidence in them or they are incapable of making the right decisions without being guided. It erodes any confidence they had and makes them feel inadequate. That is no way to build trust. You have to show your employees that you have faith in them and that they have what it takes to steer the company forwards. It is by doing this that trust is created.

2.      Promote integrity

The honesty and the soundness of the moral character of the management must never be in question. Integrity has to start from the top before flowing down to the employees. The image of the chief executive officer must be sparkling and free of corruption that dents and taints the image. The managers must promote integrity, irrespective of how difficult it may seem. The leaders of the organization must be promoters of integrity for it to be inculcated in junior employees.

3.      Treat others as you would like others to treat you

This is a principle that successful HR managers have used to succeed. You have to treat others with respect. You only do those things that you would want others to do to you. Look at your employees like equals, and do not look down upon them. Belittling employees shows them that you really don’t care about them, and so they will have no good reason to care about you or your business.

4.      Keep communication open ended

An open door policy is very important. Employees should be free to communicate to the management. Communication should be two way for it to be meaningful. In the same light, a good HR manager listens more than he talks. He is open to views of employees, irrespective of how junior they are. Their little ideas can be expanded to take the business to new heights. Failing to listen to what employees say sends a message to them that their opinions do not matter. An open ended communication policy encourages trust and innovation. Good communication is essential in nurturing trust. When it comes to new hires, they should be made aware of the overall goals and objectives of the company so that they align themselves accordingly.

5.        Incorporate trust into the organization’s culture

A culture determines what will be passed on from one generation of workers to the next. Incorporating trust in the organization’s culture ensures that it is not eroded at any one point. It will be constantly present in the organization, and its effects will be passed on to incoming employees. The environment in the workplace will be conducive for trust to be permanently engraved in the business.

6.      Delegate effectively

There is always a temptation to do it all yourself. This is practically impossible. A good manager knows how to delegate. Delegation gives the employees a sense of responsibility. It says they are important and are counted on for the organization to meet its goals. It says their employer has faith in them, which is the starting point for creating trust.

There are just but a few ways of creating trust.

John Whiteman is a big advocate of the popular online HR self-service system.

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