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Healthcare Works For Insurance Companiesill Break Us All

The current healthcare system works for the big health insurance companies.

“ The healthcare industry saw the largest increases in executive pay out of all sectors, according to a Wall Street Journal and Hay Group CEO compensation survey, released yesterday”.

My companies premiums increased 14% over last year, 2 years ago a $1000 deductable was put in place for each participant. With our anual salary increases  coming in at around 2% we are in a precarious situation. There has been an emphasis on ”health” at work. This sounds like a good thing but the goal is finding ways to charge you more for your healthcare. Employees that don’t participate in having your body mass index (BMI) and other health statistics sent to the insurance company before a cut off date pay a penalty. If you smoke you must pay an additional penalty every payday. This is just the beginning of this trend with genetic testing to see if you might be predisosed to develop diabetes, cancer, etc and if you are…you will pay more for you “group” insurance. The term group insurance doesn’t mean the same thing it used to. All this additional money out of our pockets appears to be going to straight to the top with the CEOs of our company and healthcare companies. It is just one of many things that have changed over the past 20 years that is decimating the middle class. 


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