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Getting the best office layout

By Katy Quinn, Modular Systems

Getting the best office layout








Believe it or not the layout of your office space is very important in how to motivate your staff work while keeping within the health and safety guidelines. For example did you know that if you place your staff’s desk so they have a clear view of a window it provides inspiration for your creative staff? However if you place one of your staffs desk so that they are facing a window directly it is more likely to cause them more of a distraction throughout the day rather than encourage them to work. Therefore getting the best office layout is very beneficial to both your staff and your business.

Most Offices go for the railroad approach when organizing employee desks in that all desks are side by side in a line. This does mean more desks can fit into the space provided however it can create a cluttered look and your employees feeling squashed into a room. By giving each desk a foot or two of space in between each other it will give your employees the space they need to not feel claustrophobic. Office partitioning can also be a welcome addition in some offices as it provides the employees with a certain amount of privacy.

The lighting in an office environment also effects productivity.  If an office has a small amount of light coming through the windows or the curtains have been closed so that there is no light at all this will dramatically reduce the amount of work being completed by your staff. Lighting systems, floor lamps and large windows are a great way of increasing the amount of light in the room.

The colour of your office walls is a great way of changing your staff’s mood. Yellow for example allows you to think clearly while blue-green is a calming colour allowing serenity. Again it is all about inspiring your employees. You should always encourage your employees to inspire themselves for example having artwork, photos of family members or even fresh flowers have been found to help keep you motivated.

Finding where to put other equipment such as scanners, printers and fax machines are important for reasons such as health and safety. You will need to position your equipment near plug sockets and phone jacks to avoid trailing wires across your office. You should also avoid placing them in areas such as near pipes or windows. This is because it could cause water damage or even heat damage to the equipment.


Author Bio:

Katy has worked in an office environment for a number of years and has recently started branching out and advising companies on how best to utilise their space on behalf of Modular Systems.

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