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Five ways to remove a case of the Mondays in the office

Five ways to remove a case of the Mondays in the office

If you own your own business, chances are high that you have taken note of the atmosphere around you. How do your employees behave? If you want to help them avoid feeling bored or unhappy, the ideas found below may help.

1. Allow a Day for People to Dress in Special Outfits
While wearing professional clothing is always appropriate, sometimes it is better to allow employees to have more freedom with what they put on in the morning. For Halloween, allow employees to come to work in a costume; encourage them to wear a certain color on a certain day of the week; mix things up to help work feel more exciting.

2. Center Meetings around Good News and Positive Subjects
Sitting in a meeting, particularly about a negative subject, is something that many people dread. If they are not interested and do not want to be there, little will be accomplished. Instead, try to center more meetings on positive subjects. Talk to people about rising sales, or an upcoming special event. Make it worth attending and the results will work in your favor.

3. Make A Work Space More Personal
Some offices can appear cold and clinical, even if the subject of the business is meant to be fun in nature. People may feel more at home if they are allowed to personalize their workspace, making them more productive. Allow them to place framed images of their friends and family members on their desk. Let them display stuffed animals, figurines or other items that they collect. It is better not to let it get out of hand, but by adding special touches to an otherwise plain area, an office can appear more human. Customers that come to visit the office may appreciate this extra touch.

4. Encourage Office Friendships
One reason a number of people may feel unhappy and bored at their job is because they do not have anybody to talk to. If everybody keeps to themselves, an office can feel lonely. This can be rectified by encouraging employees to establish friendships. Having somebody to greet in the morning, or sit with during lunch break, can make a large difference. If an employee is frustrated, they will have somebody to approach for advice. This also helps productivity and gives an office a sense of community, however small that community may be.

5. Bring Snacks to Share
Food can prove to be a motivator; not just to help people feel more awake in the morning, but also to give them something to look forward to. If an employee does not want to work on a weekend, they may accept it if they know there will be donuts waiting for them.

Motivation can be hard to come by, especially in a business setting. By looking at the above ideas, you can hope to keep your employees happy and working. These ideas should not only be used for a limited time; for true results, they should be used throughout the year.

Will writes for Principal Corp a leader in the consumer electronics and managed services industry, Principal specialises in print auditing and photocopiers amongst other practical IT based solutions.

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