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ESCO Corporation chooses employee termination over layoffs, another effect of Obamacare?

ESCO Corporation chooses employee termination over layoffs, another effect of Obamacare?

How does a company decide the best method of attack when they need to “thin the herd” in these tough times, and where do they point the blame finger at?

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ESCO Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for mining, construction, wood processing, rock crushing, dredging and other industrial industries. With Obamacare hovering over them, production numbers down, and a major customer pulling out, panic set in and they created a disastrous plan of action.

Instead of choosing layoffs that would cost the company money, but would aid the employee, they decided to conduct a never before performed universal blanket drug test. They quickly revised their out of date employee handbook and tossed in several new policies all related to drug testing and termination. They included the company’s new non recognition of Medical Marijuana use, no second chance options and more.

Three weeks after the handbook revisions were added, ESCO surprised employees with a group drug testing conducted on site. Not all employees had to participate, which caused employees concerns regarding discrimination. Several employees failed their test and as co-workers watched, they were escorted off the premises in a humiliating manner. New rules, no options, mass employee termination. The company lost several dedicated employees including workers that had been with ESCO for 15, 25 and even 39 years.

One family is fighting back with the use of social media platforms and with a petition at Bringing awareness to the public of unfairness in the workplace through Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other websites, has become the most popular method used… and it brings results.

Cancer victim Holly Hicks states, “My husband was a dedicated employee of ESCO for 39 with a spotless record. He failed his drug test because of a trace of THC. He had escaped our world of cancer for a few hours and inhaled three puffs of marijuana five days before being tested. ESCO took away our income and our health insurance that I need to continue my cancer treatments. They denied his unemployment benefits that he paid into for 39 years. How can the company president, Calvin Collins, justify what they did to us and so many other families? We’re asking the public to support us by signing our petition. We are asking ESCO to grant unemployment benefits so we can pay for my cancer treatments. So far, the company has ignored our attempts to communicate with us.” [Read more here]

How many companies will be effected by or use the excuse of Obamcare to cut jobs in the workplace?
Will other business’s jump on the band wagon of blame or use other tactics like ESCO did to stay under the radar.

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