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ESCO Corporation Calvin Collins President

ESCO Corporation Calvin Collins Jobs

39 year employee (2nd Generation) with a spotless record, fired with no opportunity for appeal.

My husband got his unemployment appeal letter today… DENIED!

Thank you ESCO for throwing my husband into the garbage can with no remorse.
He still hasn’t received ONE phone call or letter from this company offering a word for his 39 years of service. How does Calvin Collins and the rest of those men sleep at night knowing what they did to so many families???

1. ESCO took away his income, his unemployment benefits and his health insurance.
2. ESCO took away his wife’s ability to finish her Cancer Treatments.
2. ESCO violently took away his dignity.
4. ESCO has shown no compassion, nor had the decency to contact him regarding his termination or to thank him for all the years he gave the company.



Details and Timeline:
ESCO Corporation handbook was 10 years old with only a few minor revisions until Aug 2012.
June-July 2012

  • Employees learn that the company would be losing a huge account, Caterpillar Inc.
  • Staff members share concerns about management’s talks involving layoffs that will occur before the end of 2012.
August 2012

  • An electronic PDF file of revisions to the employee handbook was emailed to employees.
  • Over 98% of the revisions were related to new company drug testing.
  • Revisions included NEW clauses for allowing “blanket testing”, no second chance options, no right to appeal or discussion. It also included a new revision stating the company would not recognize medical marijuana as a legally prescribed drug.
September 5th, 2012

  • Less than 4 weeks after ESCO’s handbook revisions were released, the company conducted a surprise “blanket test”.
  • Not all employees had to take the drug test. Select departments and management personal were exempt.
  • Staff members were marched out to a mobile lab trailer that was brought in.
  • Privacy was not considered and the test was taken in a group setting where everyone knew who passed or failed.
  • One manager quoted “The are going to thin the herd before layoffs”.

September 12th, 2012

  • ESCO Corporation fires several employees based on failed drug test results without any regard to their personal situation or employment record.
  • Temination was issued by one brief phone call from the HR department advising of the loss of employment and intention of denying unemployment benefits.
  • Employees were not allowed to speak to upper management concerning their termination.
  • Employess who lost their jobs that day including dedicated personal that had been with the company for 15, 25 and 39 years.
  • Paul Hicks was terminated for having a trace of THC in his test results.

Semptember 15th, 2012

  • Paul Hicks applies for unemployment benefits that he paid into for 39 years.
  • Denied by ESCO.

October 30, 2012

  • Paul Hicks has unemployment appeal hearing.
  • ESCO confirms to the judge that Paul Hicks had no previous violations or on his 39 year record and wasn’t under suspect of job performance due to drug or alcohol use.
  • Denied by ESCO and the Judge. The judge concludes that ESCO didn’t break any laws.



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  1. Esco says:

    What is Esco doing as company to stop harassment against employees because of their nationality and religion. Why no one speak about unlawful termination of people only because they are not kissing ass their boss. Why people yesterday were excellent employees with a lot of experience, getting terminated only because someone doesn’t like them,

  2. HH says:


    I’m deeply sorry for the loss of your grandfather to cancer. I too have dignity and am surrounded by so many wonderful people that love me. That’s why they support Paul and I and our honest battle efforts against unfairness in the workplace.

    Unfortunately, your comment is full of uniformed words.

    1. Not all employees were tested, HR and their lawyer admitted this in a taped hearing with the unemployment judge.

    2. ESCO is the actual party that approves and pays into the ex-employee’s benefits. If they deny, then unemployment denies. HR and their lawyer confirmed this in a taped hearing with the unemployment judge.

    3. HR and their lawyer confirmed that they had no reason to believe Paul was under the influence of a drug and that termination was based on a “trace of THC” in his test result.

    4. The judge asked questions of and commented on how ESCO used per-meditated actions to avoid layoffs and instead test and terminate. We lost the appeals because ESCO had updated their handbook with NEW policies only 3 weeks before testing, covering their asses. Again, these documents are public now.

    I don’t use cancer as a crutch, what a terrible thing to say to someone. Wow.
    I am simply trying to bring awareness to the brutal actions of a company against it’s employees. It’s very scary and sad that you justify the actions against a man who gave his whole life to this company and was tossed out like garbage.

    ESCO STRIKES AGAIN – more devastation by their choices:
    ALMOST 70 workers at a historic Queensland foundry arrived back at work after Christmas break this morning to be told they had lost their jobs.

  3. Brian Evans says:

    I’m sorry, I currently work for the ESCO Corp and most of this is complete bullshit. The random UA thing has been around longer than just 2012. It’s not new and it wasn’t when I started. No one was exempt from the UA process. In fact there were a number of office and salary employees that got fired due to drug use. Marijuana is not a federally legal drug, medical or otherwise. ESCO cannot deny unemployment, that’s the unemployment departments job. Oh, and the trace of THC is BS too. I’ve have 2 inconclusive UAs that came back clean and I still work for ESCO. So, now that I’ve destroyed what little proof you did have. Please, try again. Oh, btw I am a shop employee. That and don’t use cancer as a crutch. I watched my grandfather slowly and painfully die of several forms of cancers while never once taking petty on himself or asking other to. He died with the dignity of knowing that the people around him loved him and that no matter what he did everything he could to be all her could be in his life.

  4. Mikrob says:

    I think we need to ask the question “What is the reason for drug testing in thge workplace”? I can understand if safety is the reason. With safety in mind a UA could be administrated after an accident or when an employee appears to be impaired or under the influence but lately that doesn’t appear to be why drug testing is taking place. It is being used as a way to terminate employment and deny unemployment benefits. It has nothing to do with safety and has become a tool to prepare for a layoff. This is shameful and when used in this way should not be legal…

  5. HH says:

    Hi Debbie, I have a life thank you. Unfortunately… it’s filled with cancer. How’s yours?

  6. Debbie says:

    Get a life.

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