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Esco Corporation Business Briefing Breakfast Rob Cornilles

Holly Hicks,

Esco Corporation Business Briefing Breakfast Rob Cornilles

Yesterday I delivered packets with our petition signatures, articles and other information to ESCO Corporation president Calvin Collins. I attended their company’s Business Breakfast Briefing held at the Multnomah Athletic Club with Jasmine, a member of Portland Rising Tide. Paul was unable to attend as he was having a medical procedure done across town.

I had the opportunity to hand a packet directly to Calvin Collins who took it, smirked at me, tossed it on a table and walked away. Very disrespectful but totally expected.

I also had the pleasure of speaking to Rob Cornilles, Vice President, Investor & Government Relations and Communications. Rob offered me a generous amount of time to express all our concerns and grievances against ESCO.  He showed honest concern and compassion regarding the events before, during, and after Paul’s termination from their company. Thank you Rob, it was appreciated.

As I left the banquet hall, one of the speakers was telling the group about how ESCO Corporation is proud that they are non union, and how happy their employees are and how wonderful the company treats their workers. Realty check boys, your employees DO NOT trust you and fear for their job security. They saw what you did in 2012 to many dedicated people and their families and how you did it. Surprise… union is in your near future.

Thank you to all our supporters,

Paul and Holly Hicks



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