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Employment law: Unfair treatment at work




Unfair treatment at work is very stressful. I’ve been dealing with it for a while but I’m trying to do something about it. You have to  try and stand up for yourself and not accept any kind of treatment. The majority of cases detail discrimination though.  Discrimination occurs when an employee suffers unfavorable or unfair treatment due to their race, religion, national origin, disabled or veteran status, or other legally protected characteristics. The first step for that is contacting EEO. EEO law stipulates that an employee who experiences discrimination can seek remedies including: Back pay, restoration of their old job (if they were fired or reassigned), a court order to stop the discrimination, compensation for pain and suffering.

My employer has failed to address my complaints properly against my supervisor’s conduct. They have been negligent  and allowed known stress-causing conditions to persist without taking reasonable measures to prevent them. My workplace is utterly intolerable and stressful. My life now surrounds my everyday workplace issues.

The issue is I got fed up of my supervisor’s unethical behavior and confrontations at work due to a sexual relationship she has with my father. I took my complaints to my area manager, regional manager and I just contacted human resources. Since then, I have received write ups. I have had trouble getting pto approved that I have. I am now being transferred for the third time to accommodate my supervisor’s conduct which is unfair. It seems as they think I’m the problem and they want me to quit.  I have been an outstanding employee and I have witnesses to all their behavior. My exceptional performance on this job for the last 2 and half years all went out the door because I took a stand but I’m not done standing.

I have been in a management position and there is just no way I would put myself in that light. Supervisors are an important part of the workplace environment. They keep order and suppose to keep employees supervised. When a supervisor can’t properly perform duties, their boss should instead of trying to sweep stuff under the rug.

I have researched many areas of employment and labor laws and if you are in any kind of situation at work, research it and know your rights.

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