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Employment and Partnership law


Obtaining the right advice from a firm of solicitors that understands your needs is paramount in any legal situation. In terms of employment and partnership law, being able to access such advice at short notice may help resolve an issue before it escalates.

Employee rights is an area where legal knowhow is important and whether you are an employer or an employee, getting the right advice at the right time is vital for a satisfactory outcome to a dispute.

In so many walks of life, a reliable adage is “prevention is better than cure” and that applies in so many ways when it comes to employment law.

Employers have many legal requirements that they have to deal with on a daily basis. There seems to be a mountain of legal obligations and responsibilities for companies. This means pre-emptive action is often the best course of action to try to highlight issues before they emerge – or at the earliest possible stage.

For a company, that could involve drawing up a strategy that will help reduce the need or risk of litigation. By doing so, in the long run, unnecessary costs can be avoided and company executives can spend their time focusing on business development.

Utilising the services of a firm of solicitors in this way can prove cost effective in terms of saving time and money. Firms, Ashby Cohen, for instance, can offer the help and support a company will need in a range of areas including employment law and partnership law as well as matters arising out of the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993.

While some solicitors cover a range of areas, those that specialise in a specific area of law can offer focused expertise.

That service is available to both employer and employee.

But for company bosses, solicitors that specialise in employment law also have an understanding of the law in the workplace and have an insight into how it is being applied.  This knowledge adds an extra critical dimension to the advice and support a legal firm can offer.

In terms of partnership law, this area can be complex and it is advisable to have relevant legal support on all partnership issues, particularly if it comes to the expulsion of a partner or the dissolution of a partnership.

Solicitors can work to clarify the legal position, protect your position as a partner and help negotiate if there is a dispute.

Given the complexities involved in employment and partnership law, having a reliable and informed legal hand to guide you through the process is really the only way to go.

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