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Employees’ Top Workplace Resolutions for 2013


2013 is right around the corner. How the hell did that happen? I’m still hoarding bottled water and canned goods for Y2K. I demand to speak with a manager!

But that will have to wait, because first we need to discuss a new Glassdoor/Harris Interactive survey that reveals the average American employee’s workplace resolutions for 2013. What, exactly, do employees wish for in the coming year? - My resolution is to spend less time working which means you'll have to work more

Perhaps not surprisingly, about one-third (32%) of employees surveyed list getting a raise as their top workplace resolution for 2013. After they get more money, they will start looking for a new job, since “looking for a new job” (23%) ranks second on employees’ workplace resolutions list.

Employees are also resolved to receive better job performance reviews from the boss (21%); attend more work-related training sessions (16%); use all of their earned vacation days (13%); and “socialize” more often with co-workers (9%). So give me a raise while I look for a new job at the same time you’re providing more training, but make sure the training sessions DO NOT conflict with my schedule as I max out my vacation days, and please, please, PLEASE give me a good performance review even though I’m goofing off more often with my co-workers. Thanks.

Let’s party like it’s 1999!

Okay, I admit my dot-com-connecting is faulty and probably way over the top, but there’s one thing we can agree on: Younger employees will be the most likely to hound managers for a big raise in 2013. Roughly 40% of employees in the coveted 18-to-34 Nielsen demographic told Glassdoor that getting a raise will be their top priority next year, compared to one-third (33%) of Gen Xers aged 35-44, one-fifth (20%) of Boomeresque employees aged 45-54, and slightly more than one-fourth (27%) of employees over age 55.

Wait a second: Employees in the 45-to-54 demographic will be the least likely to ask for a raise next year? Apparently so, because their top workplace resolution for 2013, Glassdoor says, is looking for a new workplace. You can keep your raise, I’m outta here ASAP!

Finally, 2% of employees surveyed said their top workplace resolution for 2013 is getting the boss fired. So watch out, managers. Lucky 13 is almost here. You might want to start hoarding bottled water and canned goods, too.

You can read the full survey rundown and come to your own conclusions by clicking here.

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