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Does Your Employer Have to Provide Health Insurance?

Guest Author | Evita

Does Your Employer Have to Provide Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a fringe benefit that many employers offer to employees in order to keep them healthy and working hard, in addition to increasing loyalty to the company. However, the question of whether or not an employer has to provide health insurance varies from country to country, and depends upon the laws that have been passed and what industries they affect.

Constantly Changing Laws:

Health insurance in the UK is not always a primary concern, particularly given the government absorbed costs of most healthcare. While it varies between various countries on the islands, generally speaking no citizen goes without medical care, no matter the injury or disease they suffer from. However, there are employers that offer private insurance, which can be used to defray costs that would otherwise be out of pocket. Places such as specialized clinics, or procedures that are not deemed necessary may not be covered by the government, and that is when private insurance is needed to cover the associated costs.

At this time it is not required by law for employers to provide insurance in the UK, just as it is generally not required by law. While local laws and ordinances may vary, it is not a country-wide law. Generally this insurance is still given as a privilege, and as a fringe benefit that is meant to increase employee loyalty over the long-term.


In order for an employee to get insurance from their employer, he or she typically has to meet certain requirements. Just as with PPI claims, the insurance can’t be used if the employee doesn’t meet the requirements, which may involve both number of hours worked as well as factors like personal health, pre-existing conditions, etc. Insurance will only cover what is in the contract, so it’s important that people read the contract very carefully to see just what their insurance does cover, and what it doesn’t, so that when they get sick or hurt they know exactly what their benefits are. Or, in the case of some workers, what their benefits aren’t, ensuring they know what their options are before it’s time to go to the hospital.

About the Guest Author: 
My name is Evita.  I am a tech writer from UK.  I am into Finance. Catch me @financeport

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