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Discrimination against Muslims in the United States



Contributions-of-Muslim-business-to-American-GDPIn the United States, discrimination is nothing new. It just shows that the civil rights movement in the United States is still and forever ongoing. Ever since the founding of the United States, discrimination has been present in some means or form. There has been discrimination toward non-Christians, women, Native Americans, Latinos, blacks, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and so forth. Today, discrimination toward those groups still exists. In addition, there is discrimination toward Jews and Muslims; the former stems from World War II and the latter, from the constant conflict in the Middle East. With the rise of Islamic radicalism or militancy, discrimination toward Muslims, let alone in the United States, has increased in great capacity. You have events such as the ongoing fighting in Libya and Syria; tensions between Israel and Palestine; Iran; Pakistan; conflicts in Africa; the events of September 11, 2001; Afghanistan; the Iraq War; and many others that add more fuel to the fire of discrimination and negative sentiment toward the American Muslim population.

Within the last few years, discrimination toward the U.S. Muslim population has increased. New York Times, back in 2010, ran a piece on Muslim discrimination at the workplace. Many Muslims have reported employment discrimination due to their religious faith. According to workers, employers barred them from wearing head scarves or taking breaks to pray. Cases and suits were filed against companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Sheraton, and many others due to discriminatory practices.

According to Reuters, back in 2011, discrimination toward Muslims increased. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin explained that many law-abiding Muslim-Americans face charges of not being really American because they practice the Islamic faith. On the flip side, GOP Senator Lindsay Graham impressed upon Muslim-Americans to do better to help secure the country. Furthermore, GOP Representative Peter King held a hearing on Muslim radicalization in the United States. King is the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

That hearing could have a future negative effect on King’s political career. This is due to the deadly shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. The perpetrator of the deadly shooting was identified as a white supremacist. Sahil Bhatia, from online publication Foreign Policy, argued that King needs to step down from his position as the chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security.Bhatiaargues that King is so focused on Muslims that he did not notice domestic terrorism.

It brings up the question of whether or not anti-Muslim sentiment contributed to the shooting in Oak Creek. At the same time, there are those that claim that “Islamophobia” does not exist in the United States. The Sikh and Islamic religions are different, but the Sikhs were mistaken for Muslims.

That is proof of discrimination toward Muslims in the U.S. One driving factor of discrimination towards Muslims, let alone in the United States, is the practice of Sharia Law. Sharia Law can be considered one of the core drivers of discrimination toward Muslims. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), talks of Sharia Law are an attempt to discriminate against the Muslim population.

The website called “Stop Radical Islam” explains that Sharia Law could censorwhat you wear, what you watch, what you listen to, and so forth. It also explains that non-Muslims are second-class citizens under Sharia Law.With what has recently happened in Mali, Sharia Law is a major controversial topic. Recently, Al-Qaeda has taken over northern Mali.

Many have fled the area in exodus. A theft suspect in Mali had a hand cut off by Islamist rebels in accordance with Sharia Law.Sharia Law has been a hot topic in the GOP primaries according to Politico. Aban on Sharia Law is to be on the platform at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Muslims and Christians in the United States havepetitioned Egypt’s government not to place Sharia Law in the new constitution. Due to the events in Tunisia, uprisings sprang up across the Middle East. There is much concern for the people of Egypt.Farhana Khera, the head of Muslim Advocates, accused the NYPD of viewing Muslims as suspects and people to be watched. According to Khera’s claims, the NYPD has spied on Muslims in the city, in towns, school campuses and other places.Bullying has become a hot topic due to many students having Internet access.

One can look at the cases of Phoebe Prince and Tyler Clementi. According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), cases of bullying toward Muslims have increased. Recently, CAIR has asked the GOP to reject the platform that supports a ban on foreign law. This can be linked with talks about banning Sharia Law.A recent poll by JZ Analytics says that there is a high unfavorable rating towards Arab-Americans and American Muslims. The issue of American Muslims, let alone discrimination, has become a hot-button issue in American politics. To make the issue more controversial, there are buses with anti-Islam ads.There are many factors that lead to discrimination against Muslims in America. Today, there are factors, events and circumstances that increase the negative sentiment toward that one group.

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