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Disability Champions see results in the workplace, survey indicates


images (1)Our latest survey amongst AND’s Canberra Disability Champions indicates that the majority feel that they have been positive influencers for disability in their organisation.

The Champions felt that their most significant achievement thus far was gaining the commitment of their organisation’s leadership to work towards the betterment of people with disability in their workplace. The Champions balanced their satisfaction about their organisation with the recognition that there is much more to do in terms of improving the inclusion of people with disability in their workplace.

AND’s survey canvassed 21 Disability Champions working in public sector organisations in the ACT. The Champions encourage their organisations to implement inclusive practices for people with disability.

Most champions said they had quarterly briefings from the diversity practitioner regarding the organisation’s progress on becoming disability ‘confident’. In an inspiring example of support for people with disability in the workplace, one respondent received daily briefings, and another gained weekly briefings.

The champions felt that obstacles to progress in their organisation are limited resources, complex operating environments and competing priorities.

The most important next step for the majority of Disability Champions is to bring about long term sustainable culture change which celebrates the skills and capabilities of people with disability.

All respondents said they would like to maintain regular contact with AND as well as continue to receive support for their Champion goals, as well as attend AND events.

Utilising this valuable feedback from the survey, AND will be exploring with the Disability Champions the ways in which managers can we rewarded and promoted for their ‘competence’ in relation to their inclusion of people with disability.

 More about AND’s Disability Champions

AND’s Disability Champions encourage and support employers to implement inclusive practices for people with disability in the workplace. Champions talk to other employers about the inclusion of people with disability within their workforce, attend several lunches a year with other employers, and facilitate referrals and introductions. The Champions generally have strong leadership skills, a genuine regard for inclusion of people with disability, and have confidence in relating to people with disability.

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