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Creating a Stress-Free Working Environment

Creating a Stress-Free Working EnvironmentGuest Author | Ryan Rivera, Calm Clinic

It is not uncommon to find working environments that cause stress and anxiety to its workers. Elevated stress levels in these working environments lead to health problems and declining productivity. Creating a stress-free working area not only promotes a healthier workforce but it bodes well to retain top-notch talent that otherwise think of leaving due to the toxic environment. Managers should work hard to create a workplace that ease stress to their subordinates and here are some tips on how to do it.

Poor ventilation
In reality, complete elimination of stress at work is indeed impossible to do.  However, creating a stress-free atmosphere must start first with having the kind of physical environment that is conducive not only for productivity but also for maintaining one’s health at an optimum level. Office ventilation is important to keep the flow of energy all around the workplace. Panic attacks can happen if there is not enough breathing space for employees. Poor ventilation as a result of cost-cutting measures by the company is actually hurting employee welfare. Increased exposure to hazardous contaminants may impact the stress levels of employees subjected to poor ventilation.

Poor spacing and interior design
Poor spacing could contribute to the increase of stress in the workplace. Workplace atmosphere is largely contributed by the design of the office layout. Allow your employees to have a say on the office design. You will be surprised on what they can come up with. It is important that your employees are comfortable with how their work place look and feel like. The workplace interior design must not only be functional and aesthetic.  Most of all, it must designed in a way where clutter and chaos will have difficulty penetrating in.

Allow the personalization of the workplace
Personalizing the workplace allows the employees to get a cozier feel of their workplace. Allow them to put pictures, special lamps, toys or any décor on their desks or cubicles. People respond better to stress-busting techniques when they are in their comfort zone. Comfort zones can be set up within the workplace to help the employees relieve from stressful situations. Personalized cubicles are good places to start to be converted into comfort zones for your employees. Add to that the fact that personalized cubicles will help encourage employees to apply the CLAYGO policy. (i.e. the Clean As You Go Policy)

Provide a relax room
Panic attacks happen in any workplace. If your employees start to hyperventilate, the feeling of being terrorized, nausea, chest pains and hot flashes; chances are they are experiencing panic attacks. You can alleviate this by providing a room where your employees can relax and get their bearings back. Sometimes people just need to have a breather to calm their nerves especially when they are subjected to very stressful situations at work. Every employee must be encouraged to have a nap time which may take place after every lunch break.  Nap times must last from 30-minutes to an hour depending on the company’s agreed rules and regulations. We should not forget that power naps can greatly help increase the productivity of every employee in the workplace.

Build a gym
Exercise is a great way to alleviate stress. Easy access to gym equipment encourages your employees to exercise frequently. A sound body ensures that your employees are able to cope well with stress and anxiety. Healthy employees are more productive and tend to be less likely to skip work. If you cannot build a gym due to financial constraints, build a space where your employees can do simple exercises.  They may choose to spend some time in the gym before or after their work shift.  This way, they will always have the opportunity to de-stress.

Keep the workspace organized
A cluttered workspace creates stress. Encourage employees to practice organizing things within their cubicles. No one can argue that cluttered desks will make focusing difficult. Workplace organization is not applicable to the physical realm but also in the digital space. Make sure that your e-mails and responses organized to keep you from being stressed.

Workplace harmony contributes to making it a place free from the debilitating effects of  stress. A stress-free environment will make it easier for employers to have enthusiastic workforce.  Thus, achieving company goals, vision and mission will become easier for everybody in the workplace.

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