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For Obamacare to Work, Small Employers Must Embrace Exchanges

In the three years since President Obama signed his health-care overhaul into law, the Affordable Care Act has survived virulent opposition, multiple repeal attempts, and a U.S. Supreme Court challenge led by influential lobbying groups, including the National Federation for Independent Business. Many conservative lawmakers remain firmly opposed: Last week, Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.) held a hearing in Washington on Obamacare, saying it threatens “to stifle small business growth across all industries” and “provides economic incentives to reduce employee hours and drop health insurance coverage altogether.”


Cutting Health-Care Costs for Aging Employees

You’re probably already aware that employers benefit from the experience and maturity of older employees, particularly if they are knowledge workers, and that many can work productively to a later age. “Many times, older employees use less health insurance than younger workers who are having families and taking care of children. That is also reflected in older workers’ lower absentee rates,” says Ted C. Fishman, an expert on global demographic shifts and author of the book Shock of Gray.


Justices Consider Definition of Supervisor in Job Discrimination Case

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court heard arguments on Monday about who counts as a supervisor under a federal employment discrimination law. The court also issued orders clearing the way for further challenges to aspects of President Obama’s health care lawand rejecting an appeal concerning the insanity defense.


The ill-treatment of employees with disabilities in British workplaces

While society sees employment as the key to social membership, the assumption that employees with disabilities are of less productive worth leads to stigmatization and discrimination.


Workplace drug tests: Should they be allowed?

Employees and employers both want what is best for themselves. Most employees expect a fair and comfortable working environment and employers demand that their staff give their best in return.


Ergonomics in the Workplace Checklist: 8 Office Ergonomic Tips for People Working from Home

Work may be a fact of life for the majority of us, but there is no reason that anyone needs to be uncomfortable while at work. People in careers such as internet marketing, who spend such a large portion of their days at the computer, can be particularly at risk for certain types of muscle pain and strains. There are some ways for workers to make their offices more ergonomically friendly.


California Hospital to Pay $975,000 to Settle Racial Harassment, Discrimination Case

A California hospital has agreed to pay a $975,000 settlement in a harassment and discrimination case that alleged the employer created a hostile work environment for Filipino staff members.


Legal opinion: Is obesity the next big workplace discrimination issue?

With an increasing number of British adults classed as overweight or obese, the issue of whether or not obesity can be classed as a disability is a thorny issue employment law cannot avoid dealing with, says lawyer Sheila Fahy.


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