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Will Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Maternity Leave Policy Influence Other CEO’s?

As you may or may not know, Marissa Mayer is the new CEO of Yahoo. Marissa used to work for Google, in a very strong position, however she left Google to become the CEO of Yahoo last July. She was newly pregnant at that time, and recently had her baby. Over her pregnancy, she took no large shortcuts or a long leave; in fact she worked from home to help turn around Yahoo whilst bearing her new baby.


Seniority and Performance in the Workplace – Fairness and Recognition

As employers it is very important to always be counter balancing the rewards and recognition of workers based on seniority and performance. Seniority deserves certain recognition as it shows loyalty, commitment and interest in the job from certain employees. At the same time performance can show ambition, energy and passion. Both types of employee efforts are important to keep the work efficiency afloat and at its best. However in order to be fair and maintain both types of energy around one must know how to precisely balance the reward system among these two types of efforts.


Should You Go over Your boss ‘ Head – How to Deal with a Bad Supervisor

A decision to go over your boss’ head can be tricky, since upper management may choose to concur with your boss’ actions. In these cases, the boss can make the bad situation that you are currently in, worse. So, it is important for every individual to evaluate their personal situations before they react.


Siblings in the Same Workplace

Since our childhood our siblings have been our best of friends and at the same time worst of the enemies. No matter how much you love them, a simple conflict with them turns into the biggest of the fights. “SIBLING RIVALRY” is a term which we all have been well associated with in our life time.


Tips for Safety in the Workplace

Statistics show that every year nearly five thousand employees die on the job in the United States. A good percentage comes from jobs and careers in the construction industry. Keeping a tight grip of workplace safety is essential to ensure you and your employees (if you are a business owner or manager) are safe. Casualties do inevitably occur when some of these essential work environment rules are broken and not followed. This is why in this article; we will discuss some of the most effective ways to increase levels of safety at work and more.