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Category: Drug Testing AM

Drug Testing in the Workplace – FWA Full Bench Declares HOW it Can be Done

Recent Fair Work Australia determinations have reiterated that even compulsory testing is a reasonable employer instruction in response to the risks to employee safety posed by drug and alcohol use.


Newer tests proven to cut cheating on drug testing

To watch or not to watch: That used to be the question when it came to collecting urine samples for drug testing. That problem may be eliminated with newer screening tests, according to Quest Diagnostics, which has released new data on positive rates for applicants and workers.


Synthetic Cannabis Detection for Workplace Drug Testing

Detection for synthetic cannabis amongst the workforce can now be accurately tested in New Zealand workplaces, says the NZ Drug Detection Agency’s chief executive Chris Hilson.


Workplace drug testing

WASHINGTON, May 29, 2012 – Employment drug testing laws affect job applicants, those employed, and employers. You should be familiar with drug testing laws to assure your rights are protected and to avoid liability.


Drug Testing In The Workplace Is A Good Thing, Right?

We never liked working next to people that did drugs. This may be a bit of an over generalization on our part, but we always felt if someone was willing to break the law to get high, what would they do on the job? Studies have shown that smoking pot, for instance, means a person may not be as industrious on the job, as well asaffecting memory, attention and learning skills for weeks.


Workplace Drug Testing Facts

Approximately 16% of the working population abuse drugs, representing more than three-quarters (76.4%) of all illicit drug users 18 and older. (Household Survey on Drug Abuse in America / SAMSHA )


Drugs of abuse in the workplace

When and how to test employees legitimately.Many employers face the task of testing employees for drug abuse in the workplace. Often, drug testing is invasive and must be handled very carefully.


Workplace drug test numbers skyrocket

REPOST ARTICLE SOURCE: Workplace drug and alcohol testing is skyrocketing as bosses use the tool to weed out poorly performing staff, vet candidates and keep workplaces safe. Screening is expanding from traditional safety-sensitive jobs like forestry to sectors including finance and government, as bosses move to ensure they’re getting the best staff in tough economic [...]


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