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For Obamacare to Work, Small Employers Must Embrace Exchanges

In the three years since President Obama signed his health-care overhaul into law, the Affordable Care Act has survived virulent opposition, multiple repeal attempts, and a U.S. Supreme Court challenge led by influential lobbying groups, including the National Federation for Independent Business. Many conservative lawmakers remain firmly opposed: Last week, Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.) held a hearing in Washington on Obamacare, saying it threatens “to stifle small business growth across all industries” and “provides economic incentives to reduce employee hours and drop health insurance coverage altogether.”


Cutting Health-Care Costs for Aging Employees

You’re probably already aware that employers benefit from the experience and maturity of older employees, particularly if they are knowledge workers, and that many can work productively to a later age. “Many times, older employees use less health insurance than younger workers who are having families and taking care of children. That is also reflected in older workers’ lower absentee rates,” says Ted C. Fishman, an expert on global demographic shifts and author of the book Shock of Gray.


Employee Benefits Workplace Savings Quarterly – April 2012

Welcome to the first Workplace Savings Quarterly from Employee Benefits magazine. It will guide human resource and benefits managers through the new world order of workplace savings so they can select the best strategies, services and benefits for their workforces, and the best means of delivery.


Is Beer In the Workplace an Employee Benefit?

Providing beer to employees is one of the more atypical employee benefits, but it does say something about the company’s culture and the employees who will thrive there. Some HR leaders discuss their benefits philosophies.


More Companies Recognize the Benefits of Workplace Equality

Research consistently shows that unfair and discriminatory work environments cripple an employer’s ability to recruit and retain the best and the brightest. These negative environments also stifle job performance and productivity. In this way, workplace unfairness introduces otherwise avoidable inefficiencies and costs that detract from companies’ bottom line.


The Hot 100 Benefits Managers 2013

Here is our second annual roll-call of the movers and shakers of the benefits industry who have made Employee Benefits headlines, spoken at our events or been involved in the Employee Benefits Awards as a winner or a judge


Washington, D.C. – Nearly two-thirds (60%) of employers globally say that intercultural skills, or the ability to work effectively with individuals and organizations from cultural backgrounds different from their own, are very important to their organization, according to a new Ipsos Public Affairs poll conducted on behalf of the British Council and Booz Allen Hamilton.



Mercer, a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement and investments, today announced the launch of Mercer MarketplaceSM, a private benefits exchange designed to help employers more effectively manage their benefit costs while providing employees and their dependents with superior choice, flexibility and service. This is an important addition to the suite of solutions that Mercer provides clients.


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