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Career Success – Standing The Best Chance Of Employment

Career Success - Standing The Best Chance Of Employment

Keep up to date or risk being unemployed

In order for you to successfully compete in the work place you need to ensure that you’re as desirable as possible to the prospective employer as you can be and prepare yourself for a brand new career. According to the Department of Education in the United States some sixty per cent of jobs created during the twenty first century will demand skills a mere twenty per cent of employees actually have at the moment. It is therefore important to recognize which skills will be of critical importance to you in the future within your chosen industry and which will be substantial in the longer term future.

“Sixty per cent of jobs created during the twenty first century will demand skills a mere twenty per cent of employees actually have”

Specialize, find a niche!

Being a good all-rounder will allow you to change when you need to – adapting to new career paths, after all job markers rapidly change without warning. Ensuring that you are flexible will make you more appealing to any budget review or human resource manager. Did you know that seventy one per cent of HR managers looking to find specialists in various industries and sixty one per cent of job hunters would classify themselves as having broad skills, obviously companies will be hunting for experts within their industry to help resolve the original business problem. Working your way into an in demand industry as an expert will influence the recruitment process, help you to eventually make more money and ensure you have a successful position. When you have decided upon a field you want to specialist in, you can become an industry expert by advancing your education – getting a degree (or another degree). A little research online will help you to ascertain which institution is best for you.


It is an employer’s market at the moment, due mainly to the recent financial instability; this is especially true for young people and those with limited experience. In the United Kingdom unemployment is sitting at around eight per cent up year on year averages and as you can imagine the pinch is felt particularly hard by younger less experienced individuals. A degree is however one of the most important pieces of paper you will possess and provides a fantastic entry point.

Develop social skills

Businesses are beginning to rank interpersonal skills much more highly than ever before according to a recent survey which concluded that sixty seven per cent of interviewers said that avoiding eye contact would in fact make them less likely to choose this candidate to go forward beyond an interview. Thirty eight per cent added that a distinct lack of a smile would make the candidate less likely to progress beyond the interview stage.

Will writes for a leading NHS agency with Midwifery jobs and doctor positions throughout the UK and further afield.

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