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Both Employers and Employees Benefit From Onsite Daycare

Holly Hicks,

Both Employers and Employees Benefit From Onsite Daycare

Many experts agree that companies wishing to attract top talent in their industries should offer more perks.  At the top of the list of most requested perks from potential workers is onsite daycare.

Not only does onsite daycare improve the life-work balance of the employee, but studies have shown that it makes them better workers, as they’re less distracted and more efficient.  As such, not only can employees benefit from the development of onsite daycare, but it can be an excellent investment for the employer as well.

The best companies are those that recognize and respond to the needs of their workers.  While many of the top businesses in the United States, including several of the Fortune 500 companies, have already been offering onsite daycare for several years now, American businesses in general are lagging behind with implementing this particular perk.  There are several reasons for this, but the root cause is that business managers often favor short term solutions over long term goals.  As a result, they don’t want to invest in the additional infrastructure and employees required in order to run a daycare facility onsite.  Unfortunately, they often pay the price for this type of thinking, as it ultimately makes them less competitive in the marketplace.

As an example, many new mothers find it difficult returning back to the workplace after having a child, simply for the fact that they don’t wish to be apart from their kids.  These are talented, driven business women who have much to offer companies that can accommodate their needs.  For several of them, the only option is working for businesses that provide onsite daycare, as the idea of leaving their child several miles away from their work location is just unacceptable.  Those companies that  can provide onsite service are much more likely to attract such individuals.  But even more important, companies who refuse to offer perks such as onsite daycare run the risk of becoming uncompetitive, as talented women move on to better opportunities.

So for many companies, onsite daycare is an excellent investment.  Not only does it improve the lives of workers, helping them to save money and remain closer to their children, but it benefits the company as well.  Not only are retention and recruitment problems minimized, but those who work in such accommodating environments are often more driven and loyal, pushing themselves to get more work done in less time.  Basically, a good worker is a happy worker.  This truism has been understood by successful business managers for decades.

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