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Balancing Seniority with Performance in the Workplace

Holly Hicks,

Balancing Seniority with Performance in the Workplace

It is very difficult to choose between a young high performer and an old employee with relatively lesser performance. Immaterial of the demographics it can be observed in any part of the world. Seniority brings experience but it is the performance which fetches profits for the company. It is usually seen that not all employees who are senior perform as per expectations. It becomes very difficult for the HR managers at the time of performance appraisal. To maintain harmony at workplace a balance between seniority and performance is mandatory.

It is the performance which should not be neglected at any cost. If an employee performs better than an employee who is senior in designation, and the senior guy is rewarded just because of the seniority, it takes away the motivation to perform.

On the contrary, the seniority of an employee reflects his loyalty, his dedication and his trust in the organization which should not go in vain. But the reward system should be proper enough to ensure working of senior employees in accordance with the desired performance levels.

Even the HR head of Xerox Mr. Tom Maddison says that it becomes very difficult to reward a senior guy and a high performer equally but you have to create a balance to continue the symphony. All the employees of an organization are important and a lot of cost has been incurred on them by the company to get the maximum out of them. One should never forget the emotional side of the problem, if an employee is working in an organization for the past few years, he definitely deserves an increment for the loyalty he has shown to the company. These employees should not only be rewarded for the seniority but there should be a contribution to the growth of the company, they should not be sitting idle but hard work should be visible.

With a lot of competition in the market, time demands employees who are productive enough to help the organization grow at a fast pace. All companies want to reduce cost in order to maximize their profits and employees who are not performing well can be a part of lay off. The design of a reward system should be such that it tries to satisfy all the employees and to give them a sense of security in the organization.

All these factors act as a tool to motivate the employees, proper reward to the employee who performed well acts as an incentive to perform well in the future. This reward system gives a feeling of motivation to the other employees who get attracted to the incentive of being a high performer.

To strike a balance between seniority and workplace is the key to growth of an organization and if an efficient reward system is formulated, it can very well create a balance between the two kinds of employees. All these strategies should aim at senior guys to perform more and to guide employees who are junior but are having potential.

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