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Career Success – Standing The Best Chance Of Employment

In order for you to successfully compete in the work place you need to ensure that you’re as desirable as possible to the prospective employer as you can be and prepare yourself for a brand new career. According to the Department of Education in the United States some sixty per cent of jobs created during the twenty first century will demand skills a mere twenty per cent of employees actually have at the moment. It is therefore important to recognize which skills will be of critical importance to you in the future within your chosen industry and which will be substantial in the longer term future.


Five ways to remove a case of the Mondays in the office

If you own your own business, chances are high that you have taken note of the atmosphere around you. How do your employees behave? If you want to help them avoid feeling bored or unhappy, the ideas found below may help.


Motivating Your Team When Under Stress

Learning to manage your responsibilities, staff and dependencies under pressure has always been a difficult and very stressful position to be in. Given the current financial position many businesses are in; strapped for cash, uncertain of cash flow, untrusting of suppliers et cetera, et cetera.


How Incentive Structures Can Work in the Classroom As well As The Workplace

Incentive structures are controversial in both the classroom and workplace, but there is evidence they can work when implemented properly. Incentives are rewards that are given to students and employees for going above and beyond, and they can be used effectively to promote learning and business growth. They are especially useful for businesses during recessions. Here are a few reasons why incentive structures can work in both the classroom and workplace.