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Author: CG

Employees’ Top Workplace Resolutions for 2013

Perhaps not surprisingly, about one-third (32%) of employees surveyed list getting a raise as their top workplace resolution for 2013. After they get more money, they will start looking for a new job, since “looking for a new job” (23%) ranks second on employees’ workplace resolutions list.


The Worst CEOs of 2012

Who are the absolute worst chief executives of 2012? Sydney Finkelstein thinks he knows. The longtime professor at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business is the author of 11 books with such titles as Why Smart Executives Fail and Think Again: Why Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions, so he knows a thing or two about utter failure.


How to Deal With a Nosy Co-Worker

My friend Megan has an office stalker. She works at a library in Nashville, where one of her co-workers walks by her desk so frequently that one day, Megan started keeping a tally. “She passed by my cubicle 17 times between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.,” Megan says, “and almost every time she’ll be like, ‘Hi!’ and pop her head in. I can’t stand it.”


Taming the Workplace Bully

It started during the training sessions for her new job. Elizabeth Santeramo, a cancer information specialist in New York, saw a woman across the room glance in her direction, whisper in the ear of a co-worker, and then snort derisively. The episode seemed so brazenly immature, as if plucked directly from Mean Girls, that Santeramo shrugged it off. “The work we were doing was to help people who were just diagnosed with cancer,” she says. “We’re all empathic, compassionate people, I told myself. I’m just being paranoid.” A few days later, the abusive snickering intensified.


Why Your Workplace Needs More Than Nice

Highly agreeable people are some of the most pleasant people on Earth. They do what they’re told, mind their own business, and follow the crowd without question. You want this type of person on your team, right? You want to hire somebody who keeps quiet, does what he’s told, and believes in his superiors with full faith and confidence. If you find yourself agreeing with this blog post up to this point, do yourself a favor and stop. Unless you’re running HR for a bureaucratic, slow moving organization, you absolutely need more than nice on your team. You want employees who know how to put up a good fight. Speaking one’s mind? All the better.


After Cancer, Returning to the Workplace

The funny thing about grocery bills, health insurance premiums, and mortgage or rent payments is that they don’t stop when cancer strikes. Fortunately, neither do dreams nor ambition. Returning to work after treatment can be both gratifying and challenging. For me, the emotional ups and downs have at times made me wonder if my office chair should be equipped with a seat belt. (As a chemo veteran, the barf bag already comes standard.)


A buyout, a reorganization and the new face of job security

Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm, bought the former GE Advanced Material (Silicones & Quartz) in 2006 and renamed it Momentive. Two years later, in the middle of a three-year contract, Apollo slashed the wages of some 450 union workers by up to 40 percent. Suddenly, workers found themselves being paid what they had made 10 or 20 years earlier.(GE is a part owner of NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC News.)


Women Haven’t Gained A Larger Share Of Corporate Board Seats In Seven Years

Women held just over 14 percent of executive officer positions at Fortune 500 companies this year and 16.6 percent of board seats at the same. Adding insult to injury, an even smaller percent of those female executive officers are counted among the highest earners—less than 8 percent of the top earner positions were held by women. Meanwhile, a full quarter of these companies simply had no women executive officers at all and one-tenth had no women directors on their boards.


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