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Author: MR

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs increase along with employer intrusion into employees personal lives.


Healthcare Works For Insurance Companiesill Break Us All

The current healthcare system works for the big health insurance companies. “ The healthcare industry saw the largest increases in executive pay out of all sectors, according to a Wall Street Journal and Hay Group CEO compensation survey, released yesterday”. My companies premiums increased 14% over last year, 2 years ago a $1000 deductable was put in place [...]


Want To Unionize Developers? Focus On Workplace Democracy

Despite the efforts of many different organizers over the years software developers have resisted unionization. The relatively high pay and good working conditions of developers, the stereotype of geeks as loners and the general decline of unions in the U.S. are all commonly cited reasons. But maybe unions are failing in tech because they’re not addressing the real issue: giving developers more control over their work life.