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6 Tips for Workplace Happiness

Guest Author: Ryan Rivera

6 Tips for Workplace Happiness

The truth is you are not in any way obligated to be friendly to your co-workers. But, if you need to survive a toxic workplace you need the help of your co-workers. Being friendly to your co workers will help make the entire workplace atmosphere conducive to harmonious and high levels of productivity. In turn, you will more likely to find yourself always looking forward to go to work each day as if you are excited to be in that place every day in your life.  Here are some great tips that you can follow in creating that ideal workplace that you deserve.

Say “hello” to everyone

Start the morning and the workday with positivity and you need not to fake it. Saying a simple hello will go a long way in lifting someone’s mood. Who would be happy seeing you with a slumped shoulder and an abrasive mood? Get into the habit of positively starting your day right because it sets the tone on how you are able to breeze through the workday. A smile will go a long way in setting the tone around the office. It is amazing how a brilliant smile can melt the chilly interpersonal relations around the workplace.

Have some small talk

Small talk will make people become comfortable having you around. Start by asking your co-workers about their favorites or about last night’s episode of the Walking Dead (that is if they are also into zombies). Psychologists believe that showing a genuine interest in other people’s favorites will make them open up to you. This will definitely thaw the chilly interpersonal relations and could become a great support system that will make working in a toxic environment bearable. “Hey Mary you do like scrap booking don’t you? I know this great scrap booking retreat place my cousins recommended to me.”

Be healthy and drink water

Okay. This tip will surely be hilarious to some because of its simplicity but don’t laugh. Most of us would neglect our health and get dehydrated which can make a great difference on how you show positivity to everyone in the office. Water can help you to avert a host of health issues and if you maintain a healthy diet will make you more energetic and less sickly. Be the “Energizer bunny” by spreading all the positivity around the workplace.

Always focus on positives

Take a look at the things that you like about work. Then try to focus on those positive things. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It can be as simple as the view from the office window or the scent of the perfume of the lady at the cubicle right next to you. Thinking about the negatives will only overwhelm you and make the situation toxic.

Avoid the gossips

Gossips are never great. How would you like to be the topic of conversations done behind your back? So if the juicy tidbit is about the boss’ failing marriage or the big romance between Jane and the married man at IT department just skip it. If you don’t go for gossips it will make your co-workers trust you more and earn the respect of everyone else.

Keep personal things to yourself

Personal issues are something that you cannot avoid. But, obviously if it is something personal you don’t have to wash your dirty linens in public. When you are bugged with personal problems it would be hard to focus on the task at hand. It is easier said than done but if you want to enjoy your time at work you need to leave your personal problems at work. A lot of personnel managers would tell their employees to put their issues in an imaginary box by the office door and pick it up on their way home. The rule is that personal and office problems don’t mix and often productivity would suffer as a result. It will only aggravate the levels of stress and anxiety which could be unhealthy.

Let’s face it. Stress and anxiety abounds in the workplace if it is filled with animosity and less friendly faces. You don’t have to work in a place like that. Management can do some steps to make the workplace friendlier and more conducive to working. We all know that it takes two to tango. You need to fulfill your end of the bargain to make the workplace fun and happier.

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