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5 Ways To Improve Health And Safety At Work

Guest Author | Jade Coleman, Belcom

5 Ways To Improve Health And Safety At Work

Wherever you work it is important that you do everything you possibly can to reduce the risks of anyone being hurt or injured. It is extremely important that you are always on top of health and safety at work, a way to do this is to complete a risk assessment of anything that could be a potential danger to you or your employees. If you find anything in the workplace that is particular dangerous, then you should then warn your workforce to protect them from these potential hazards.

Fire Safety

This has to be one of the most important aspects of ensuring that your employees and clients are safe at all times when in the work building. All your employees should understand what they would have to do in the event of a fire, to ensure that they will know what to do you should regularly complete a fire drill practice. A fire drill practice will let your employees go through what would happen in the event of a real fire. You should also give your employees regular updates of fire legislation rules so that they know how to abide by them.


If your business works around machinery regularly, it is extremely important that all your employees are trained on how to use it properly. You should give your employees regular training through the year so that you can ensure that they are using the equipment properly and not taking any shortcuts which can higher the risk of an accident happening. If you have any new employees starting in your business then you should make sure that they complete their full training before using any machinery. It may be the case that they have used similar machinery in the past; however machinery can differ so it is essential that they understand how to use it properly in your workplace.

Slips and Trips

No matter what type of business you work in, slips and trips are the most common accident in the workplace. You should ensure that all your employees understand ways to prevent others slipping and tripping in the workplace.

If there is a wet floor, then you should always make sure that you a clear sign displayed warning people that the floor will be wet. This way they will be less likely to slip on the floor. If you or your employees come across a wet floor then they should stand by it and warn others until someone comes to clear it up and display the correct sign.

Loose cables are one of the most common causes of someone tripping over in the workplace. You should buy a cable tidy which you can sort your cables out neatly in so that they are not left lying around.


With any new starter in your workplace, you should always ensure that they have their full training for all aspects of the business. You should also give existing employees regular refresher training throughout the year so that you can be sure that they are doing their job safely.

Record Accidents

If someone does have an accident in the workplace then it is extremely important you have a book where you can record all of these accidents. This is so that the health of your customers and clients is always looked after and safe.

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